The Power of Words !

With words, we can change the world, that’s for SURE!

-so, lets share our words, our dreams, our hope, for this lonely world, and hope for a better place for all of us-



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68 Responses to The Power of Words !

  1. Tantrachick says:

    This is beautiful! I Shared it on my blog with a link and thank you note to you and your blog…Keep up the good work! Beautiful! Joy

  2. kukuh budiharso says:

    terima kasih atas kunjunganya kemarin..

  3. wowo says:

    bro coba cara ini untuk meletakkan ym di blog…yang punya saya dah eroor scripnya.

    bagian kata YM diganti dengan user id kalian.

    semoga berhasil.lam kenal mas bro

    • Mas Wowo makasih infonya, makasih jg uda mampir, tar tak coba dulu script nya, thanks ^_^

      sudah saya coba ternyata tetep gabisa mas, pancen katanya gabisa di wordpress yang gratisan, hehehe

  4. kantalmu says:

    makasih gan atas kunjungannya ke blog saya kemarin………..

  5. swexzie says:

    pak dokter, kok siek sempet2e nge-blog tho? :p

  6. radheika says:

    nice blog pak…

    jangan lupa terus mampir….

  7. Terima kasih sudah mampir dan komentar di indonesiaproud. Salam kenal!

  8. Irvin Irwin says:

    Really great post. I just came by your blog and wanted to state that I have really enjoyed checking your posts. Any way, I’ll be subscribing to your RSS feed and I hope you post again shortly!

  9. Kate Moore says:

    Wow, i cannot believe every other blog on the net is filled with lots of spam, can you guys do something about this? Just wanted to say you have a nice blog, what are you using for combating comment spam?

    • Actually I manually selected all the comment and approve it one by one. Your comment here is actually marked as spam by akismet, so I manually mark it as not spam. My blog’s traffic is not quite high yet so it is not a problem. But when dealing with thousands of visitors every day maybe you want to use captcha.


  11. wowh,nice share om , tersentuh saya liat videonya, , , ,

  12. Antalya says:

    Very nice template. Would you mind writing template name for your blog ?

  13. Tory Burch says:

    You are carrying out a superb job! It was an excellent blog!

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  16. Lacy Stathis says:

    After I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any means you possibly can remove me from that service? Thanks!

    • Hello Lacy, There is nothing I can do from here, I Believe in your email there is option to unsubscribe, (usually at the bottom part) just click that and you’re receive no more email

  17. I admire the beneficial information you offer inside your articles or blog posts. I will bookmark your blog and have my kids verify up here generally. I’m fairly positive they’ll learn lots of new things right here than anyone else!

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  21. Deanne Roats says:

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  22. cipto hadi says:

    mampir pertama kali ke blognya dokter Yuan. emang sipp buat pria dewasa ^,^.

  23. kinetic234 says:

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  25. Reandra says:


    Saya lelaki 26 tahun dan sudah menikah.

    Mohon maaf dengan sangat apabila pertanyaan saya keluar dari pokok pembahasan.

    Begini dokter,
    (MAAF) di leher alat kelamin saya terdapat benjolan seperti urat / otot. Terlihat jelas ketika (MAAF) ereksi, dan apabila dipegang tak terasa sakit, hanya saja terasanya tidak terlalu keras dan tidak lembek (benjolan tersebut sebesar 1 butir isi kacang)

    semacam urat keseleo gitu lah dokter.

    saya khawatir sekali dok.

    Mohon dibantu dokter mungkin saya bisa dibantu lewat blog ini atau email saya.

  26. David Haas says:

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

  27. leea says:

    ma,af dok….apa dokter juga melayani bayi tabung?…..klu iya di mana saya bisa menemuin dokter..?…thanks dok..

    • saya lebih berkecimpung pada masalah seksual, untuk bayi tabung, coba anda cari kliniknya dr Aucky Hinting di surabaya, beliaunya expert di bidang tsb 1. Klinik & Lab Fertilitas RS Siloam (RS Budi Mulia)
      Jl. Raya Gubeng 70 Surabaya 60281
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  28. mathew12 says:

    I really liked what you have shared online. I must say that you need to keep up the good work. Would love to follow your blog from now on.

  29. Sarah says:

    I have recently read your blog about human sperm being made from stem cell in bone marrow. Im doing a paper in my Human Anatomy course about the subject. I was woundering if there was any updated informantion you could possible give me. or another blog or website that you think would help me. Im very interested in lesbian being about to have their own childeren that have both their DNA.
    Thank you so much

  30. karthikeyan says:

    Hi sir,
    Some of the website article says that more kegel is very dangerous to health its totally damaged nerve systems and health like that ., 3 months before I have done kegel exercises but I don’t know how much count need to do(I have done 3 times per day total count of 150 kegels holding time 10 secs) so after 20 days I got low back pain and buttock pain while sitting stage also more premature ejaculation problems still now I am facing the same problems. ,Now I realized that I have done more kegels per day., I was really very afraid and I don’t know what to do ., So kindly tell me what are the problems will come when we overdo kegel ? and how to cure these problems also suggest how to solve my above mentioned problems…thanks …

    • not only kegel, overdoing anything is bad for us. Just like any other exercise, start low, go slow, take enough rest between episodes of training. your muscle is fatigued, so you must stop doing kegel until it back to normal. some analgesics may also help to reduce your pain, and it will eventually go back to normal.

  31. karthikeyan says:

    I have nightfall, wet dreams problem and premature ejaculation problems for a couple of years..,Is kegel will help to cure these problems ?.Can you explain me about reverse kegel exercises and how to perform and all?.Is there any side effects are there by performing kegel exercises? Also tell me the perfect count (I.e How much count of kegel we can perform per week per day and per session)?. Thanks……….

  32. mens health says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing this. Very nice! Great job.

  33. karthikeyan says:

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  34. karthikeyan says:

    wright sir because of misunderstanding i have done excess kegel now i am facing the probs..,how to i get back to normal please tel me

  35. ellyfriends says:

    wah..takjub banget!punyaku koq masih polos gitu ya 😦

  36. alm4ycan0 says:

    Dok..izin share ya..mohon bimbingan buat saya yg baru ngeblog..:)

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