Practical and Step by Step Ways to Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises for men

Controlling ejaculation is a huge issue for many men, one that they are often too embarrassed to bring up. How do I control myself? How can I last longer, be firmer and do better? The answer is working out your pubococcygeus muscles (PC) muscles, by doing Kegel exercises for men.

PC muscles control the flow of semen and urine, the firmness of your penis during erection and the shooting power of your ejaculation. They are important, and if kept very strong, will see you into your golden years with a fantastical hard on. The great thing about Kegel exercises for men is that you can do them anywhere, anytime — and nobody will know the difference.

You will be able to have better sex by being able to better control your orgasms and ejaculations, and last for longer, plus you may get the added kudos of being able to hold up a wet towel with your erection if you practice these Kegel exercises for men.

How do I know where my PC muscles are?

The easiest way to find them is to stop your flow of urine next time you go to the bathroom. Another way to isolate them is to put your finger inside your anus; when you contract the right muscles, your anus will tighten. However you decide to find them, once they are found you need to practice feeling exactly where they are located — it is easy to overcompensate for weak muscles by using the abdominals, buttocks or thighs. These must all stay relaxed when doing Kegel exercises for men.

What can I expect from exercises for men? Do they work?

Yes they do! You will experience such benefits if you do Kegels on a regular basis:

  • Stronger pelvic muscles
  • Increase the bloodflow to the genital area, and so support sexual arousal mechanisms
  • Reduced “leaking” of urine and urinary incontinence (if you have any)
  • Increased pleasure with your sexual activity
  • Increased ability to have erections (longer and harder)

Now, on to the daily Kegel exercises for men.

Note: These exercises are done hands-free. You do not “squeeze” anything with your hands as they are all done with your PC muscles.

kegel session 1

Exercise A
Sets: 3
Quickly clench and release repeatedly for 10 seconds.

Take a 10-second break between sets.

Exercise B
Sets: 10
Clench and release repeatedly for 5 seconds.

Take a 5-second break between sets.

Exercise C
Sets: 3
Tighten and hold your PC muscle for 30 seconds.

Take a 30 second break between sets.

That’s it for today, but repeat these Kegel exercises for men daily for one week.

kegel session 2

Exercise A
Sets: 10
Clench and hold your PC muscle for 5 seconds.

Release and repeat.

Exercise B
Sets: 3
Quickly clench and release your PC muscle 10 times.

Exercise C
Sets: 3
Clench and release your PC muscle alternatively in long and short bursts for counts of 10.

Exercise D
Sets: 1
Tighten your PC muscle and hold for as long as you can. Aim for 2 minutes.

You can do the session 2 Kegel exercises for men for a week; however, feel free to progress if you feel you are strong enough. Remember that these are strengthening exercises, so start off slowly and build up, just like you would with any other muscle.

kegel session 3

Exercise A
Sets: 30 (work your way up to more than 100)
Clench and release your PC muscle over and over again.

Exercise B
Sets: 5
Tighten as much as you possibly can (ensure that you are only squeezing your PC muscle).

Hold for 20 seconds.

Take a 30-second break between sets.

kegel session 4

Exercise A
Sets: As many as you like.
Clench and release your PC muscle for 2 minutes every day.

Work your way up to doing 20 minutes 3 times a day — you should eventually be able to perform 200 repetitions per session.

I can’t hold them even for two seconds!

When you start to do Kegels at first you may find that you can’t even squeeze for a second or two. Guys, don’t worry. This is typical. You can’t keep it tight because the muscles just don’t strength enough. Stop if you just can’t squeeze them tight and your muscles have become fatigued. It’s enough for that session. With an everyday practice, your muscles will become stronger and stronger. After a few weeks or months, you will be able to squeeze this PC muscles really tight for a full ten seconds doing the long exercises.

Some tips?

  • Empty your bladder before starting the exercises.
  • Don’t do Kegels while urinating. This may eventually lead to some voiding difficulties.
  • Keep your thigh and abdominal muscles relaxed.
  • Try to get the maximum tightening with each muscle contraction.
  • Do not forget to breathe holding the muscles contracted.
  • It is better to do fewer cycles, each with good form and tight control, than to do more cycles with poor form and weak control
  • Good idea to contract the muscles while you are in different positions: sitting, standing, lying.
  • Using music is the fun way to do kegel. Just follow the music beat using your PC muscles and gradually change the music into a higher tempo for a  higher intensity training.
  • The best position to do exercise is actually subjective to every person. I find myself the most enjoyable position is during my office hour which is sitting. Some people may find standing position is better, and also lying. So you may want to do kegel to the best position you prefer the most.

Am I doing the exercises correctly?

You are NOT doing the exercises correctly if:

  • If you are holding your breath. (If you can talk normally and comfortably, then you are probably doing the exercises correctly.)
  • Squeezing any other muscles, than the pelvic floor. These muscles are the only muscles that should be squeezed during the Kegel exercises. If you find yourself squeezing/stretching any other – hips, thighs, the lower abdomen, or elsewhere – stop and correct yourself. You will not benefit from such exercises.

How can I remember to do my Kegel exercises regularly?

Good idea to make Kegel exercises a Habit (did you read Stephen Covey?) The following tips may help you remember to do your Kegel exercises:

  • Schedule your exercises at the same time every day. It can be your favorite regular TV show, while you do the dishes, when you wake up in the morning, after lunch or just before you go to bed.
  • Reward yourself for each day that you do PC exercises twice a day. You could put a nice gold star on your calendar:)

It is normal if you forget to do your exercises for a few days. It’s common to have a few slips when trying to make any new change. Just get back to your exercises and don’t get discouraged!

Basically, you can do Kegel exercises for men anytime, anywhere; there are very few places you can’t practice this. It is not recommended, however, to do these exercises when you are trying to concentrate on something else, as you may find yourself quite distracted. A great place to do them is on the couch in front of the TV or while stuck at traffic lights.

How will I know when something is happening?

You will know because you will be able to feel it, and so will your lover. A harder penis, better control and longer lasting sex are all benefits of having strong PC muscles. There is absolutely no excuse for not having these important sexual muscles in excellent working order. If you have trouble with premature ejaculation, try these exercises before you head to the pharmacy or your health professional.

What not to do

Don’t overdo it. It is often tempting to throw yourself into something head on, especially when it means better sex. However, as with any other muscle you are working out, you need to give it some time to heal between sessions. This means regular rests and not overdoing it. If you follow the exercise schedule as you see fit, you should soon be great — listen to your body. It knows what it’s talking about!

Don’t use any other muscle during the exercises. It is sometimes difficult to isolate the PC muscles, especially if they are weak. Be aware of what you are doing, and if you feel like you are contracting any other muscles (mainly abdominals and thighs), then you need to relax and start again. Just remember that it might take a few weeks to build up some strength. Keep at it.

Benefits of kegel exercises for women

Everyone can do these exercises, and they improve sex for everyone. If you and your partner do these exercises, you will both see and feel the difference within weeks. Women will have more intense orgasms and be able to “squeeze” your penis while it’s inside her.

Testing it

You can do a little sexual experiment with her by resting your erection inside of her vagina, but not thrusting. Both of you can flex your PC muscles — this stimulates her G-spot, and tickles you too. This is a fun way to test your progress.

Kegel kopulation

Your sexual virility is dependent on many factors. Most of these you can control — eating nutritious food, exercising regularly and keeping your prostate healthy. Since your PC muscle is so important to the function of your sexuality, it pays to keep it in good working order. Now you have the means, there’s no room for excuses.

For more information you can visit the reference links below.



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89 Responses to Practical and Step by Step Ways to Do Kegel Exercises

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  2. Josh says:

    I’m gonna try it…

  3. Enjoyed looking through this, very good stuff, thankyou .

  4. souyuen says:

    do u have any grafical / picture guide ? i read for 10 minutes now , i still dont understand where to find the PC … if its like u said ( when you contract the right muscles, your anus will tighten ) , then how actually i got to do the Kegel exercise ? beneath my balls or what ?

  5. john says:

    should i just stop doing the Kegel Session 1 exercises after one week and then do the Kegel Session 2 exercises for 1 week???? or should i do both of them every week through out the year???

    please answer

  6. john says:

    This blows me away, you’re right with exercising these muscles, i can see improvements now!

  7. Surya says:

    Im doing Kegel but not sure that am i right or not?.Im just doing exactly what i do to stop and release urine flow.Please advise

    • that’s right, but you shouldn’t do it during urination. Do it on your spare time, increase it gradually in intensity and frequency and you will soon feel all the benefits of your training in about or at least one week

  8. sunshine says:

    are kegel exercises safe to perform daily throughout life? hope there are not any side effects associated with doing kegel exercises?

  9. sunshine says:

    some people told me it cause prematuture ejaculation to be more worse and strong pc muscle over time cause difficult to urinate? is it any truth in that assumptions? can we do them throghout life harmless?

    • if you find any bad effect by doing it, or if you find the risk outweighs the benefit, simply reduce the intensity of your training, or just stop doing it, as simple as that, and try other method of improving ejaculation.

  10. addo says:

    i feel pains in my testles when am doing it

  11. sunshine says:

    Sir earlier i was able to get erections with viagra and cilias drugs but from past few days im not even able to get erections after taking viagra and cilias… what could be the reason? im very worried i will apperciate ur reply sir…….

  12. sunshine says:

    i feel very aroused my wife is hot and right in my arms.earlier i was able to get erection after taking viagra but now i cant get it up that time when m fully aroused and with my wife no matter what ever pill i have taken viagra,cilias or any other herbal my johnson does not support me……what can be the reason doctor? 😦

  13. Michael says:

    Thanks I’ll try it hope it help..

  14. sunshine says:

    is testosterone replacement therapy safe? are there any side effects related with this therapy?

  15. Steven says:

    I’m reading many articles her and there on how to perform kegel….but all i got is contract hold and repeat…i’m not getting it properly…will u please provide me some visuals,so that i can learn how to do it?? Thanx in advance..

    • the pc muscles is internal muscles, means that its not visible from outside, so im afraid there is no visual, but you can feel whether you doing it right or not by feeling the contraction of your anal sphincter,

  16. flo says:

    I’ve been trying to do the first exercise for a few days now. Been trying to do it once or twice a day. I was wondering wether or not I am supposed to feel my muscle. When I am doing these I can do them, but I do not feel like I used my muscle at all… is that just like that at the beginning of the training??
    should I move on to something more intense?


  17. joe says:

    how many times are you supposed to do these exercises a day ???? 1,2, or 3, just want to make sure is all lol

    • just do as frequent as possible during your relax time, but know your limit, as soon as you feel discomfort or pain you’re just overdo it. every person has its own capability to do it, so there is no exact number

  18. Gai says:

    When I do kegel exercises, is my butthole suppose to tighten up? Sometimes I think I’m tightening the butt checks a bit. Also when would see some noticeable results? I want to keep it a surprise for someone. 😀

  19. sunshine1985 says:

    doing kegel exercises have any effect on curing piles and anal fissures as well? if yes we should expect results in how many days?

    • i guess its not related, in fact it might worsen the symptoms, because it will tighten the anal sphincter so the anus will be pressing the feces more during the defecation

  20. joe says:

    alrite thanks for the answer. i got one more question??? How long will it take to see results of your penis getting harder????

  21. joe says:

    If i wanted to stretch, jelq, and kegel, what order should i do it in????, and should i do them everyday or take breaks in between like you would normally do when you workout in the gym????

  22. sanjay jadhao says:

    dear sir, for how much minute should i perform kegel muscle exercise in a day, please reply i am waiting for your answer

    • 5-10 minutes should be enough, but try to increase the time gradually, its the same with any muscle exercise, and dont overdo it, if you experience pain or discomfort it means you overdo it

  23. karthikeyan says:

    i did kegel for past 20 days with the count of 60(holding time 10 sec)and 80(clench and release) but now i m getting too much of buttocks pain and back pain and more ejaculation.,Can u tel me because of the overdoing kegel is there any big side effect will come in future?and how to cure dat buttocks pain and backpain and ejaculation probs.,and now i quit kegel exercise.,when i need to start kegel exercise.,Pls reply me i m waiting for your valuable answer

  24. akhil says:

    well i just wanted to know what happens if i perform the excercise for more than 20 mins…

    • its depends on every individu, for starting it i suggests doing it on max 5 mnts, rest for 5 mnts and doing it again, but if you are comfortable with 20 mnts its okay, just dont overdo it

  25. dpashtana says:

    I have problem of that Premature ejaculation. How can i get rid of that.?

  26. TexasToast says:

    I’ve been looking for a straight forward reply to this question everywhere and can’t seem to find one. When i contract what i’m confident is my pc (kegels) i feel my anus tighten/contract as well. I’ve read multiple blogs/sites etc… Which emphasize over and over “if you’re contracting any other muscles you’re doing kegels wrong”, and that state “the pc muscle and anus are completely separate”. Well i’ve tried for about a week now to contract my pc w/o feeling my anus tighten, but if you do them seated especially its abundantly clear thats not happening. Sorry about rambling. So QUESTION if you do kegels and feel you’re anus tighten slightly are you doing them correct/ still getting the benefits?

    • there is no way you can practice kegel without your anus tightening due to the shared innervation of inner pelvic floor muscles and one of the muscle is circular around the anus (m.sphicter ani) . so if you feel your anus contracting you doing kegel right and you will get the benefits. but please dont do it excessively, know your limit, start low go slow, good luck

  27. asdasdasd says:

    when i tighten the muscle a small substance….is coming out for penis… am i donig it right ? and also how to overcome the precum…… plz reply fast….

  28. dante says:

    i only last long till 10-15 secs while masturbating… any advises wat todo……replyfast………

  29. abhi says:

    When i get full erection, my penis become so sensitive that if i touch it for 2-3 strokes , ejaculation happens.. else i hv to stop masturbating to stop ejaculation… n when i try to enter into my gf’s by force, it cant handle pressure n ejaculation happens. . what do i do??

  30. asdfasdf says:

    sir my question is asked in brackets please read it.

    kegel session 1

    Exercise A
    Sets: 3
    Quickly clench and release repeatedly for 10 seconds. (sir should we hold here the PC muscles for ten seconds and then release it for ten seconds. or what should be the duration of clenching and releasing)?

    Take a 10-second break between sets.

    Exercise B
    Sets: 10
    Clench and release repeatedly for 5 seconds.(same question duration of clenching and releasing)

    Take a 5-second break between sets.

    Exercise C
    Sets: 3
    Tighten and hold your PC muscle for 30 seconds(same question duration of clenching and releasing).

    Take a 30 second break between sets.

    That’s it for today, but repeat these Kegel exercises for men daily for one week.
    (should we repeat it twice a day or once a day)?

    • sir should we hold here the PC muscles for ten seconds and then release it for ten seconds. or what should be the duration of clenching and releasing? do repeated contraction for 10 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds. same answer for another question except you just modify the time.

      should we repeat it twice a day or once a day? you can repeat this twice a day, as long as you dont feel any pain or discomfort you can increase the frequency

  31. PEERO says:

    I am doing kegel as well, but if you like to recommend any medicine for PE(which has no side effect)?
    2nd question: My erection is also becoming weak and i am losing arousal as well what may be the problem?

    • 1. PE medication usually including SSRI such as clomipramine, or paroxetine, etc but usually it will also cause drowsiness or even decrease in erection. or you can use topical anestesia to use in penis or simply use condom to reduce the sensation in the penis.

      2. overstimulation of the brain due to porn, stress, fatique, testosterone deficiency sindrome, lack of variation etc. may be the cause

  32. חני says:

    אני עושה את התרגיל טוב אבל לא מצליח בלי להפעיל את שרירי הבטן התחתונה וקצת בעיית נשימה לא כל כך אבל העיקרי זה הבטן ורשמתם למעלה שזה לא טוב עם מפעילים את שרירי הבטן מה עושים בבקשה

  33. venkat says:

    is dry dreams normal…..plz reply…..i recently experienced once…….and wat are the symptoms of leaking of the sperm in urine…..plz i want to know….

  34. dinesh kumar. says:

    how should i know that my sexual stamina is increasing as i m not married.,……….

  35. gopal says:

    after doing kegels penis is bending towards right side… to straighten the penis……..?

  36. herbert says:

    clenching and holding; is it with the hand? And if you stop the urine to know the PC muscles, how would one feel to know that this is or these are the PC muscles?

    • clenching and holding with your pc muscle, kegel exercise has nothing to do with other exercise other than pc muslce. When you succesfully stop the flow of urine during urination process, it means that a.t.m your pc muscle is contracting. you just repeat that process in other time while you’re NOT urinating

  37. Hi, I’m having some difficulties with the exercises. I find it hard to know if I’m engaging the correct muscle without using any of the other muscle groups. I can stop urination very easily but it hasn’t helped soo much in helping locate the PC muscle. Any suggestions?

  38. dhurv says:

    hey……when talk with my gf……der is a tiny leakage ….(small amount of fluid)…from my penis………wat is that ?…is it normal….? if not is kegels the cure for that ?

  39. deepan says:

    should kegels performed while erection ?

  40. Josef says:

    does kegel helps to increase girth and length??

  41. abhijeet says:

    kegel should perform while erection ?

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