About Penis Size, It Doesn’t Matter, Err..Wait, It Does Matter…Which One’s True? My Personal Thought Sharing

Well..umm penis size…

We all know that this kind of thing is HUGE thing in the internet., also in daily life. It is still a very debatable topics which is I think a very interesting topic to talk also, “Does Penis Size Matters ?”

The answer may vary, it depends on who the question is asked to.

But, basically the answer is YES if you are:

1. A man who is not satisfied with your size.

Actually man often thinks that bigger is better, but do he actually ever ask your couple about his feeling about your penis size? It is become an obsession that sometimes a man thinks that a bigger penis will gonna satisfy a woman more, but that’s wrong. Many surveys said that actually a standard or even a small penis with good quality in erection and ejaculation is capable in doing more than a big hung penis but not in good quality. A really big penis is also hard to stimulate the g spot properly. Due to G Spot anatomy is actually easier to stimulate g-spot with 1 or 2 fingers, so a penis with that size is actually better to stimulate it. A big penis sometimes can hurts the partner due to its pounding the cervix.

A man who is satisfied with his size of course never has a problem with it, so its just the matter of his own feeling, not his partner’s .If you think you have a problem than you are just thinking about it, actually the problems is not there if you weren’t thinking about it. Got it? So BE PROUD of what you have and make your partner happy.

The insecure feeling of small penis size makes men seeks many ways in order to increase the size. And so it became a multimillion dollars business. But before you decide to take any exercise, or diet, or pills, or enhancer, you may want to read this writing first.

A mature (I mean mentally matured) woman will think WAY more than just penis size! In a good and healthy relationship you will find that penis size DOESN’T MATTER! It’s all about love, romance, memory, caring, respecting, responsibility, economy, child and many more. Marriage or relationship isn’t just about sex. Absolutely! if you don’t feel that way, I doubt that you even had any true relationship.

Sex is not always about thrusting and penetrating. Don’t forget about foreplay, and afterplay. They play tremendous parts in making a sexual relationship really successful, or really fail. They differentiate between a rape, a prostitution and a healthy sexual relationship.

There are many things more important that should be worried and think about than just your penis size…really…

If you are a man with big penis, you shouldn’t just rely on it to satisfy your couple. Remember that a successful sexual relationship doesn’t just about penetrating and thrusting. Its about foreplay, afterplay also good communication between you and your couple. Its about love and affection, and many more.

If you are a man with small penis, don’t be down. If you think that yours is too small, and after reading all of this you still want to take any treatment whatsoever, you must know all the risks, and precautions, and hope you got all of you wish for.

2. A Porn Actor,

3. Working in a penis size increasing business, but i still doubt you’re using the product yourself…

4. I’m accepting any suggestion 🙂

Sorry if any of my writing above makes you feeling uncomfortable or angry or anything, i simply writing what’s in my mind. If you are agree, it’s good. When you’re not, of course i also appreciate it. I respect any kind of opinion. There are BIG difference between opinion and trash talk, so please be polite in expressing yourself.

And english is not my first language so its completely natural if you found many language mistakes 🙂

You may also want to know about the video that explain the easiest way to find a woman G Spot, From this video actually penis with 10 cm (about 3-4 inches) is actually quite capable in stimulating the G spot.


So penis size DOES MATTER for the mentioned person above. For fun and for short term relationship maybe it is true. Also if you’re working as a professional porn actor.

But it is ABSOLUTELY DOESN’T MATTER in the matter of good and healthy relationship, love, good marriage life. Also for your health, it is quality that matters! A good erection and ejaculation control is mostly preferred, also sexual technique including foreplay and afterplay.

Be proud of yourself 🙂


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3 Responses to About Penis Size, It Doesn’t Matter, Err..Wait, It Does Matter…Which One’s True? My Personal Thought Sharing

  1. big guy says:

    well, this is true, i’m a married guy and completely happy with my size. my size’s quite average, but i always try to be creative and my wife is always orgasm everytime we had sex.

  2. Thank you for the smart critique. Me & my neighbour were preparing to do some research about that. We received a superior book on that matter from our local library and most books exactly where not as influensive as your data. I am incredibly glad to see such facts which I was searching for a lengthy time.

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