SHIM, Sexual Health Inventory for Men or IIEF-5, Sexual Health Inventory for Men, an abridged version of the IIEF

The IIEF-5 Sexual Health Inventory for Men, is an abridged version of the IIEF, contains a shorter questionnaire of 5 items which takes into account the latest six months instead of the latest four weeks considered by the IIEF.

The Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) is a widely used scale for screening and diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (ED) and severity of ED in clinical practice and research. This sexual health quiz can help you determine if you have erectile dysfunction (ED). Be sure to take your results to your doctor. Only your doctor can decide whether you have erectile dysfunction or not.

SHIM, Sexual Health Inventory for Men or IIEF-5 Questionnaire

Each question has several possible responses. Circle the number of the response that best describes your own situation. Please be sure that you select one and only one for each question.



22-25 Normal erectile function
17-21 Mild ED
12-16 Mild to moderate ED
8-11 Moderate ED
<7 Severe ED

Name: ___________________

Score: ___________________

For calculator version of SHIM you may want to visit here

References you should visit:

  2. for PDF version of SHIM/ IIEF-5 you can visit SHIM.pdf

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