Foods That Improve Sperm Quality

What foods should I eat to improve my sperm quality?

Before we continue, we should know first about How is sperm quality measured? The World Health Organization identified five factors to assess sperm quality. All five are necessary for the best chances of conception:

  • Number of sperm cells
  • Concentration of sperm
  • Sperm Motility
  • Speed
  • Morphology

For more information about normal parameters of sperm quality and what affects it you might want to check Sperm Disorders, Causes, and Treatments, with Video

So, what foods should i eat to improve my sperm quality? There are many studies that suggest eating foods rich in :

  • Zinc has been shown to increase number of sperm and sperm motility by 80% to 200% by aiding testosterone synthesis. Coupled with amino acids like L-Carnitine and L-Arginine, zinc should increase ejaculate volume significantly. Good sources of zinc is oysters. Bananas, avocado and almond or other nuts are also rich in zync.
  • Vitamin A has been shown to enhance sperm production and affect overall sperm quality. Good sources of Vitamin A are carrots, milk, chicken, fish oils, butter, cheese, eggs, and liver. Deficiencies in vitamin A in men have been linked to lowered fertility due to sluggish sperm,
  • Vitamin Cis another important nutrient that has been shown to improve sperm production and the motility of sperm cells. Good sources of Vitamin C are strawberries, oranges, broccoli, and kiwi fruit. According to practitioners, Vitamin C decreases sperm abnormalities and increases sperm number and quality. Vitamin C plays an especially important role in protecting the sperm’s genetic material (DNA) from damage. Ascorbic acid levels are much higher in seminal fluid than in other body fluids, including the blood.
  • Vitamin E is found in almonds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, peanut butter, peanuts, spinach, and broccoli. vitamin E is easy to find in food. studies show that men who have increased levels of vitamin E in their diet, have higher fertilization rates and better sperm motility than men who don’t have high levels of vitamin E.
  • Selenium is an antioxidant that can prevent chromosome breakage (a problem linked to both birth defects and miscarriages). Garlic is rich in selenium and therefore is a must for a fertility diet. Selenium and vitamins C and E can improve both your sperm cells’ production and their motility (swimming action)
  • L-Arginineis shown to double sperm and semen in recent studies; sperm health and activity also increase. Good sources of arginine include dairy products, beef, pork, granola, oatmeal, and nuts. Preliminary research indicates that taking L Arginine over a period of months helps boost sperm count, according to the University of Michigan Health System website. But in men with extremely low natural sperm count, L Arginine seems to be little or no help.
  • L-Carnitine is found in high concentrations in healthy sperm. Proven to significantly increase the percentage of highly motile sperm. This compound is biosynthesized from the amino acids lysine and methionine. L-Carnitine plays a powerful role in sperm formation, sperm maturation, and the maintenance of sperm quality. Beef is where you find high doses of L-carnitine, and there are small amounts in asparagus, and leafy greens. It is found in trace amounts from some select nuts and seeds.
  • Lycopene is the most common carotenoid in the human body and a very potent antioxidant. Lycopene has been shown to increase sperm quality. Fruits and vegetables that are high in lycopene include tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit, pink guava, papaya, and red bell pepper. Armand Zini, MD, associate professor of surgery at McGill University in Montreal, addressed this issue during the 2004 meeting of the American Dietetic Association (ADA). He reported that oxidative damage is linked to male infertility, as is a low semen lycopene level.
  • Dont forget to drink enough WATER!. Dehydration is the number one cause of poor sperm production. Sperm components is mostly from water. Try to eat at least 8 glass of water a day.

How To Do It All In One Easy Step

When you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes five servings of fruit and vegetables, two to three servings of dairy and protein products plus about five to six servings of grains, you automatically take in all the vitamins and minerals you need you need to produce healthy and high quality sperms every day. It is not recommended to eat the same menu over and over, instead well balanced diet is the key to maintain maximum benefit of every nutrients in food.

Beside foods, what should I do?

Other important lifestyle changes can also help increase sperm count, such as:

Exercise. Regular exercise will help reduce stress, and also improve your overall health but be careful. Excessive exercise can cause harm, as can certain exercises that may negatively impact the testicles, such as bicycling.

Enough rest. Make sure you sleep adequately about 6-8 hours a day to give the body enough time to regenerate itself, including sperm.

Ejaculating less often. The more often a man ejaculates, the less dense the semen will be. Maintain a gap of three days between ejaculations.

Try to eat organic foods. Some studies suggest a connection between chemical fertilizers and pesticides with both male and female infertility.

Early morning/afternoon ejaculation. It is believed that sperm levels are often highest in the morning, due to the peak testosteron level in the blood.

Lose any excess weight, which tends to cause testosterone/estrogen imbalances

What I Should NOT do?

Sperm quality also can be reduced by a number of factors.

Smoking definitely can lower sperm quality as can Excessive drinking/alcohol or drug use.

Avoid to highly stressing work or job, as stress can increase the amounts of free radicals in your body and therefore decrease your sperm quality.

Too frequent ejaculation can also slow sperm production, so try to wait 2-3 days between ejaculations.

Tight underpants, bathing in hot water for too long, and prolonged periods of sitting/ bicycling as these things have all been shown to lower sperm quality.

Anabolic steroid use and zinc deficiency have also been linked to low sperm quality.

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  1. shegun says:

    we really need to inform peoople about these things,people are gradually losing interest in sex and this is causing lots of problem in maRIAGES.pollution and way of life is also linked to this.Please lets spread the news.

  2. vinoth says:

    Very helpfull info. Thanks a lot.

  3. prakash says:

    I just Read it .
    Now i Will Try this…….

    Thanks Sir for the Knowledge……

  4. jayachandra says:

    I have sperm count of 20 million with motility rate of 10% only. I have diabetes. I know motility is very very low. Could you provide which food increases the sperm motility.

    • when your sperm quality is too low, i doubt any food will help, especially with patient with underlying disease. Special treatment maybe needed to improve it. You may want to call Andrologist to help you solve your problem. Also controlling your blood glucose is also crucial. hope it helps

  5. Yams says:

    HI Yuan,
    I have Total Sperm count is 47% with motility rate of 10% only,So how i can increase the Sperm motility

    • sperm quality here, including motility, eat the mentioned foods, recheck your sperm quality after 3 months, if it still persists, please consult your doctor, you may need additional treatment

  6. sms says:

    sir my dick bcame so loose bt losing sperm from it ,it falng down not getng stndard den can u tel me plz…hw i increse sperm & how i can make my dick as stndrd,stnd,as i want as v r at age 15!plz…help sir

  7. V cool says:

    i just read this i will try this and come back to comment again……….. let’s see how it works by the way thank u verymuch DOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. theo says:

    my sperm count flutuates. sometimes it reads zero, somtimes it read about 1.2 millions, with 10 -20% motility. now married for 9 yrs, no issue yet, my wife certified okay. will eating those fruits just be okay, i do eat some, and have done tests upon tests…..

  9. jeeva says:

    Hello Dr.Does how much almonds need to take in a day???

  10. ihopeiget says:

    My age is 31. I had problem of azoospermia in two months back. (After taking medicines,) my doctor asked me to take semen analysis test today. today my SA report says, i have sperm concentration of 0.3 Millions/ml and Motility is 100% non motile. As per the present report, How long it will take to become a perfect person for fertility? how to get better result soon?

    • are you sure your azoospermia condition not a congenital disorder (Sertoli cell only syndrome)? and what medication you take that cause you azoospermia?

      • ihopeiget says:

        Thanks for your reply. As per my first semen analysis test report on April 2012, I had O% Sperm in my semen and LAB disclosed it as Azoospermia. then as per dr’s prescription, i had taken Mix carotin and Natvie+ (from Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals) for sixty days.

        meanwhile i had doppler test. then it disclosed as follows:

        ultrasonographic report
        mild left varicocele (0.25) present.
        no hydrocele seen.
        normal study of epididymis
        normal study of testicles.

        Now my SA result came out like i have sperm concentration of 0.3 Millions/ml.

        Note: In 2004, I had inter-coursed with my Girlfriend, She became pregnant, then she aborted it….

        • how long does it take to become normal fertility it depends on the cause of your infertility, when its congenital disorder, its impossible to be 100% normal. to be able to do conception is almost too good to be true, too bad she has chosen abortion.

  11. x amkay says:

    I am 64 yrs in age, male. I have experienced the recommendations here in different degrees in my life in past and practice it today too. I have done certain amount of study. I am a vegetarian so all that is mentioned is not applicable. I do take eggs. After little adjustment in my life style (food, exercise, thinking) I have reduced or eliminated much of the medicines I was taking including so called hereditary diseases like, diabetes, hypertension and am enjoying a reasonable happy life including sex.
    I think this is the most comprehensive and accurate article I have ever read on the subject. Incidentally what is good for higher semen production, higher/ better sperm production is also good for daily sex life. Believe me what is good for sex life is also good for any one as good for health and good for happy life.

  12. manish mandal says:

    If a man have one testile. what he have to do, is his sperm concentration, motility, quality, production, decreases if decreases then why if increases then why?. he have to ejaculate as same maintain below or at what days difference he can ejaculate…………

    • it just affect the quantity of the sperm, it doesnt affect the quality of the sperm, also he can still have children

      • manish says:

        so, what the days difference he have to maintain to fertile a ova. If the quantity is low the spermatozoa can travel to ova. Maintain the days difference. And one question more, a women have 28days mensuration cycle, In which days the man can fertile the ova to pregnant a women.
        Thank u!

  13. Obinna says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. kayode says:

    thanks for this great article, it and your responses are straight to the point.

  15. shane joe says:


  16. Gai says:

    Will supplements have the same effects?

  17. suresh says:

    Hi doctor my sperm count is 35 millions and motility is 30% and sluggish is 40% is it enough to get conceive my wife?

  18. kavi says:

    i am having hand fall problem about past 7 years but not regularly now i controlled it but but there is no sperms drops when i do sex,please help me to get reproduce please help…

    • are you taking some medication up until now? and whats your age? have you done any sperm test?

      • kavi says:

        i am 24 ,no medicine up until now, it just happens now,and no sperm test i have donned in past. now exercising daily and taking the advised food.
        i want to know that until which age a man can reproduce,sperms.
        so can you any solution to me doc.

        • as soon as a boy reach puberty (about 12-15 y.o) it will start producing sperm, maybe not much at first but it will gradually increase its production until reach its max capacity in 20-50 y.o and gradually decrease as a man hit andropause

          you need to get some tests to know why you not producing sperm, semen analytics maybe testical biopsy, better consult the local Andrologist

  19. Isaiah_now says:

    On the 2nd week of May 2012,One month before i go for a 50 day vacation, i stumbled upon this blog and decided to follow what is written in it. This knowledge is very timely because am getting married during this vacation.My vacation run from mid May to 1st week of July. Now am back here in the gulf for work and My GOODNEWS IS:.My wife is Pregnant back home philippines! Thanks God for your Good advice.

  20. Ashraf says:

    I am 35 and marriage held in 2007 but still there is no baby…… some three time missed miscarriage happened and one time. D&C. now dr. says my sperm quality is not standard. I check up and test report shows that sprim quality is little weak. also Doctors said its due to cousin marriage. i am confused either this problem with me or my wife?

  21. Isaiah_now says:, Please check this article about cousin marriage and its effects.thanks

  22. Gurmeet Singh says:

    HI DOC .MY Total Count is 60Millions and My Sluggish is 10% and IMMotile is 40%.IS IT NORMAL TO CONCEIVE A CHILD .Please Sugges THANKS

  23. Jameel Ahmed Ansari says:

    I am 35, married in 2008. No baby yet. After a year of marriage I and my wife got tested. My wife’s entire test went fine. She is normal from all aspects. When I had seminal test then doctor told me the problem in my semen. I am the patient of azoospermia or oligospermia.
    My first report says “No serpm found”
    2nd report says 02 sperms found 1 is motile but abnormal and 2nd is normal but immotile
    3rd report says 02 immotile sperms found
    4th report says 05 abnormal sperms found
    I did some herbal treatment and after that I got tested in previous week and report says 08 immotile sperms found
    I have done herbal, medical, spiritual and homeopathic treatments but nothing helped me to increase my sperms count.
    My two brothers are normal and have kids but I don’t know what went wrong with me. I am web programmer. No drinking, no alcohol, no smoking no bad habits. I exercise daily. I love to have kids.
    If the above foods you pointed out in your article can help me let me know which food should I take. I am very upset and disturb by it. Every time I see my seminal report I cry. Please help me

    • im sorry to say but eating these foods is not going to help much due to your problem is too severe, you must perform aditional test, such as testical biopsy and make sure there is no obstruction in your sperm canal. You may want to consider doing ART (assisted Reproduction technology) such as ICSI, serach in my blog about ICSI

  24. gurmeet says:

    Thanks for the Sugges of Lepro
    Thank you DOC

  25. Simon Russell says:

    Dr. Yuan, this is a really nice article to read and surely it will help many. Thank you very much.
    I am married 5 months before but my wife didn’t conceive. We consulted with gynaecologist and she has advised me for SA and advised my wife for transvaginal ultrasound.
    My SA report says:
    SPERM COUNT/ ml: 90 million
    SPERM MOTILITY (%) (100 Spermatozoa)
    a) Rapid Progression: 40%
    b) Slow Progression: 10%
    c) Non-Progressive Motility:10%
    d) Immotile: 40%
    a) Normal: 55%
    b) Abnormal: 45%
    c) Pus Cells : 4-6
    d) Red Blood Cells : 4-6
    e) Epithelial Cells: Nil
    I am having balanced diet and routine’d normal life. Please tell me if this report is ok or do I need to have some special diet or medicine to improve sperm quality?
    Please also advice me if I should go for Transvaginal ultrasound of wife? does it have any complications?

  26. Gopi says:

    Hi Doctor,
    Iam 27 yrs. i was married at 2010 Nov. Still no baby yet. I tested my semen. it seems less speed. My wife has no problem. What food can i take to concieve my wife? Pls help

  27. Ali says:

    Hi,Dr. I am 34 yrs old got married in 2009 no child yes i have done the semen analysis test on 10 /7/2012 it shows .
    colour :grey white
    volume : 2.0 ml
    liquification -1 hr
    reaction :alkaline
    motility :actively motile ;Nil
    sluggishly motile :10%
    Non motile :90%
    morphology :10% Normal
    others :Epithelial cell :Occ/hpf
    pus cell :10-15/hpf
    RBC’s :Nil
    count :50 Million /ml
    need your advise,

    • pus cell present, suggesting there might be infecton, try to find the underlying disease, there might be improvement in sperm quality if you find the underlying disesase. try consult andrologist in your area

  28. Shanthananda says:

    Hi Dr. I got married in 2007 and i am 35yr now, i did SA for 4 times, after medication n treatment my last SA test shows:
    volume : 3.0 ml
    liquification – Normal
    Viscosity :Normal
    Total Sperm Concentration : 8.5 Mill/ml
    Progressive motility: 02% (Good Progressive motility + Sluggish linear, non-linear movement)
    Non Progressive motility : 02%
    Immotile Sperms : 96%
    morphology :80%
    Sir i need your advise, i am very humble to have a child, help me out.

    In the report it is show an OLIGO ASTHENOSPERMA .
    Is that possible, i can have a child.

  29. raja says:

    Greetings are doing a great job. your webpage is really helpful.I’m seeking your help.
    I got married november 2011, After 9 months wait for a kid i had my semen analysis
    Color: Opaque gray
    Ph: 8.2
    volume : 2.0 ml
    liquification -15 minutes
    reaction :alkaline
    count :32 Million /ml
    Active Motility: 20%
    sluggishly motile :18%
    Dead :62%
    My Scrotum scan report : Grade I Varicocele
    =>Evidence of dilated venous plexus noted in left side with prolonged reflux in valsalva suggestive of varicocele.
    =>Few Dilated veins noted in right side, reflux could not be demonstrated.
    My Urologist advised me for varicocele to be operated.
    Is it necessary for me to get operated to go for a kid?Will Varicocele only bare the child birth or it’ll get worsened till grade IV if i don’t operate?
    I’m asked to take Qu energy Capsules. Can’t i go for a kid taking good diet and this medication?

    Or I should try for ART to have kids

    • should remove the varicocele first, hope by removing it the quality of your sperm will increase thus no need to do ART. hope the best for you

      • raja says:

        Thank You Sir..I’ll get my varicocele removed 🙂

        • raja says:

          Hello Dr. I got my varicocele removed on oct 31st. After 100 days of surgery i had my SA.
          Color: Opaque gray
          Ph: 8
          volume : 2.8 ml
          liquification -15 minutes
          reaction :alkaline
          count :45 Million /ml
          Active Motility: 30%
          sluggishly motile :25%
          Dead :45%
          Is this the maximum improvement after varicocele or will it gradually improve?
          can we conceive normally with this count Or I should try for ART?

  30. Ronaldq says:

    Hi sir, it might not be related to your topic but I’ll ask anyway. I rarely drink alcohol and I never smoke but I can only ejaculate once when I masturbate. Some people can do it 2-3 times every time they masturbate. Is this lack of nutrients in my body? I also eat fruits like bananas and guavas.

  31. Nelson. says:

    I masturbate frequently since my 16 am 24 now i now masturbate 2 round 3 timees a wk n i v a girl friend n am satisfyn her very.i eat enough balancd food n medicatn my weight is 75 can dis life affect me? Pls advice me.

  32. Melsky says:

    Sir, I m 39 years old married for 12 years , we already have undergo so many test for my wife but seems she is ok but she doesnt got pregnant ,until i check my sperm count this month : Motile 35% non motile 60% Sluggish 5% Morphology Normal 87% Abnormal 13% Sperm count 21,200.000/cc pus cells 6-8/HPF. I would ;like to ask if there is any alternative treatment to improve my sperm count and motility or other advice for fertility.

  33. Jannike says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I am writing in because my husband and I have been married for almost 2 years (will be 2 october) and we have never used any form of birth control, well except maybe a condom once or twice. We haven’t conceived yet. When he was 4 years old, he had ALL leukemia. He hasn’t done a sperm count test but we have been thinking about it. Could the treatments from leukemia have affected his sperm? I know he didn’t have sperm yet, but I have read that chemo/radiation in such a young boy could affect even the production of sperm down the road. Also, at our local herb store, they suggested taking testerone booster so I bought it. But recently I read that can cause a man to stop producing sperm? is this true?

    • chemo and radiation affecting rapidly growing cells in the body such as germcell therefore it highly afffecting sperm production, testosteron booster should be given to someone with low testosteron level only. so first your husband need to do Sperm Analysis and testosteron level test before i can suggest additional suggestion, hope you the best

  34. Tammi Mikeska says:

    L-Carnitine is great because it aids in weight loss. I usually take L-carnitine when i want to reduce weight. I usually combine it with other food supplements and thermogenics. **”*”

    Warm regards

  35. johan says:

    Hi Doc,
    After 5 years married and do not get any children, already went to many doctors but no result yet.
    My wife is fine. This is my last SA test result:
    – pH: 7.2
    – Volume: 4.4 ml
    – sperm viability: 58%
    – sperm concentration: 77 M/ml
    – Total sperm count: 338.8 M
    – Motility: 57% [0% rapid; 33% forward; 63% slow; 4% non progressive]
    – Immotile: 43%
    – Morphology: 2% normal; 87% head defects; 9% neck defects; 2% tail defects
    – Bilateral varicocoeles are demonstrated.
    Is it possible to have children using normal sexual or should go for IVF?

    • try to cure the varicocele first, hop it can increase the motility of your sperm

      • johan says:

        I see my motility 57% which I think is not so bad, but more concern on morphology because only have 2% normal, is my thinking make sense? And I heard to cure varicocele has to go with surgery. Any fact/research that cure varicocele will increate sperm quality? Thanks Doc.

        • yes you are right, my bad, i tried to type quality instead of motility which is including morphology of the sperm, hopefully varicocele treatment will also improve the quality of your sperm, thus no need to do ART,

          hope you the best

          • johan says:

            how to cure varicocele treatment? is this must go under surgery? or any foods or medicine can cure it?

            • there is no food or medicine that can cure varicocele, the only choice is open surgery, or latest method called varicocele embolization which is much more less invasive than open surgery, maybe i’ll put new topics about varicocele soon…

  36. Hir says:

    Hello Doctor, thanks for wonderful blog. Here is my Semen Analysis report. I am 29 and my wife is 25 trying to conceive for last three years with no success. Our RE is recommended to do IUI first. are the motility and morphology level i have enough for IUI? or should we directly approach for ICSI. Please share your views. Thank you again and i do appreciate your effort in supporting people with this emotional and exciting journey of married life!

    Sample Details Normal
    Volume 2.75 mL 1.5-5 mL
    Concentration (1) 88 Million/mL >=15 Million/mL
    Concentration (2) 85 Million/mL >=15 Million/mL
    Concentration (Avg) 86.5 Million/mL >=15 Million/mL
    Motility (1) 23 % Progressive >=40%
    Motility (2) 25 % Progressive >=40%
    Motility (Avg) 24 % Progressive >=40%
    Agglutination None None-Minimal
    WBC 2 =4% (WHO criteria)
    Tapering Heads 12
    Amorphous Head 80
    Midpiece Defect 0
    Macrohead 1
    Tail Defect 3
    Microhead 0
    Immature 1

    • Hir says:

      Again Morphology level is 3% and motility is 24% progressive .

    • your welcome,

      usually IUI is considered the first method of ART, but it needs about 10-20 million sperm with good quality (motility and morphology). before the procedure usually both the couple take medicine for stimulating the production of sperm and egg cell, and hopefully your sperm quality will increase more.

      conclusion: so you might give it a try IUI before you try the next more sophisticated (and expensive) step of ART (IVF or ICSI). It may takes multiple times of IUI before pregnancy achieved, and you need to keep your hope and spirit up.

      My suggestion is you do IUI max 3 times, if its not working you may consider IVF and if its not working either ICSI is the best option

      Good luck and have faith!

  37. ragan says:

    Thanks for the Good Information!!

  38. Aashu says:

    Sir I am 22 ,have been masturbating almost every day for last 8 years . As mentioned in your blog , frequent ejaculation diminishes semen quality . So If I take a break for a week or so will it help the count or the sperm count will remain low forever . Several rumors have really made me Tensed .

  39. Adeshina says:

    Hello Dr. Thanks for the good work, please am 45 years old marry for 4 years no babe, wife ok while my Report Read as follows: vol. 2.4mls, Viscosity. Viscos, PH:8.0, Morphology: normal 80%, Abnormal 20%, Motility: active motile 20%, sluggish motile 35%, Dead 45%, TOTAL COUNT: 40m.

  40. Indera says:

    hello doctor… i got married 3 months ago…and my wife hsnt conceived yet.. my wife start to get worried coz my brother also dun hv child until nw after get married 2 years ago.. is tat any problem with me? i’m 27 years old. hv been masturbating almost 13 years.. juz stop smoking around 2 months after 4 years of smoking habit. do i hv to do semen analysis now?? is tat too early???

    • Usually 98% couple got their kid during first 2 years of marriage. But there’s nothing wrong to do semen analysis, even before marriage. The wife’s should also do some check ups as well such as USG. Hope you the best.

  41. Ashish says:

    Hi Dr Yuan.

    The article is very informative.

    I’m diagnosed with moderate left side Hydrocele.
    Dr. suggested for Semen Analysis, which gave below results:
    1. Sperm Count = 55 M/ml
    2. Rapid progression = 10%
    3. Sluggish progression = 20%
    4. Normal Morphology = 40%

    I had gone through Left Side Vericocele surgery twice (after that I had SA and count as 100M/ml and progression was also good).

    I got married in 2009 and have no baby yet.
    My wife has PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for which Gyneac has suggested Leproscopy.

    My questions are:
    1. Should I go for Hydrocele surgery? or is it ok not to?
    2. Are my SA results seems normal? if not then how to improve that?
    3. Will we be able to conceive naturally?
    4. Should my wife under go Leproscopy?

    Your advice will be very helpful.


    • 1. Its not necessary, as long as the motility is 50% or above its fine
      2. Its quite normal and shold be enough to conceive your wive, but the motility shold be above 50% with rapid progression to get best results
      3. It depends also to your wife. PCOS usually leads to incapability to produce eggs normally and it also causes hormonal inbalance which is make fertilization even harder.
      4. Its not Leproscopy, its LAPAROSCOPY, its VERY different. Laparoscopy is needed to confirm the diagnosis and prognosis of PCOS. So its necessary to do so. Another important thing to do is to do HORMONAL check in your wife to see any hormonal imbalance. You may consult your wife’s gynecologist for more information.

      good luck !

      • Ashish says:

        Thanks Doctor for your valuable insight.
        For increasing the motility, should I take the medicines or follow your suggested foods ( I will surely follow these even if I ‘m not taking the medicines)?

        Sorry for the spelling mistake. If she go for Laparoscopy, will it improve the chances?
        We heard that after this also PCOS reoccur.


        • 1. the foods should be enough to increase the motility, also exercise and resting well
          2. PCOS will likely re occur due its cause is more likely genetic or unknown, all we can do its to control its symtomps and fasilitate the ovulation

          • Ashish says:

            Thanks Doctor.
            What course of action (based on our current status) you will suggest to conceive soon?

            • you need to check whether your wife is capable to produce egg (ovulation), otherwise natural conception will never happen. Also check the hormonal status of your wife (FH,LSH,prolactin) and do some medication to fix the hormonal imbalance if there is any. you need to consult the gynecologist (im not a gynecologist so im not to familiar with PCOS therapy) hope the best for you

  42. Augustine says:

    Hello doc.
    Does premature ejaculation have any effect of a woman getting pregnant
    If it does do you have any help for this?

  43. Augustine says:

    There is a myth that sugar intake(coke etc, sweets cakes and the like) and lime and lime drinks adversely affect semen/sperm quality. Is this true?

    • Excessive sugar intake not only hurt your sperm but your body overall function, especially when you got diabetes. But if youre taking sugar enough and having enough exercise so everything should be fine.

      Researchers at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital showed that taking 1 litre or more cola a day decrease sperm count about 30%

      And about lime thing, thats just a myth i guess. Infact theres actually anti oxidant effect in lime so its hould be good for sperm production.

  44. Augustine says:

    Thanks a lot doc

  45. Dimitris says:

    Hello, I am 38yo and the wife is 36yo. My semen was of bad quality (1ml volume, count less than 15mil, most of it not moving). 11 months ago I performed varicocele surgery and 7 months ago I started taking supplements: L-carnitine and Vitamine E, daily.
    My last sperm diagram was very similar to the one I performed 4 months ago. Results follow.
    Volume: 1,5ml
    Sperms per ml: 43.000.000
    Motility after 1h: Rapid 0%, Good 45%, On the spot 8%, No movement: 47%
    Motility after 2h: Rapid 0%, Good 20%, On the spot 4%, No movement: 76%
    Motility after 4h: Rapid 0%, Good 10%, On the spot 11%, No movement: 79%

    The doctor told us to stop the supplements and go straight for IVF, because we are losing valuable time. I am thinking that we should continue for some months, but I will stop the supplements and start eating the food you mention.
    Your opinion, please?

    • your doctor got a point there, how long have you been married? and how about the morphology of your sperm?

      • Dimitris says:

        Married for 12 months but haven’t really been trying more than 3-4 months due to bad psychology.
        The morphology of the sperm is 10%, according to Kruger’s criteria normal is >14%
        Microbiologist said that he’s seen normal pregnance with “worse” semen than mine.

        • with your quality of sperm normal conception is still possible, you also have to consider your wife’s reproduction function, because when a woman is approaching 40 or more its naturally harder to get pregnant. Normal frequency of sex i recommend about 1-2 times a week, also you need to calculate the fertile period of your wife. Im not suggesting IVF yet as long as you and your wife in good health I will suggest you try at least for a year. Good Luck !

  46. Srinath says:

    Hi Doc,
    age 29. frequent hand habit, sperm looks like water.. will cause preg? if yes, how to improve?

  47. Rahul says:

    I masturbate regularly since my age was 21 and now i am 28,I take nither drink nor smoke,But my semens is not as dense as earlier.Earlier It was very hardy,thick but now it feels like water.I havent sex with anyone till this age.I am worring whenever I see my semen or ejacuate.I am worrying that I couldnt pregnent my wife when I get married her(may be within 6 months)
    My weight is 65.can this affect my married life???? Pls advice me.what should I do now about my masturbating practice.???do i hv to do semen analysis now???

  48. Jasy says:

    Dear, just read this worthful article. HOw can i calculate my sperm rate? And after intercourse with 2min long or less my part(dick) sleeps directly and could not satisfy my partner . can you suggest me things to make it strong and intercourse for a long time atleast to satisfy my partner. Please I hope you will understand whatever i wroote and my language. Thank you so much

  49. Ash says:

    Hi Dr, Thanks for lots of good information. They are very important info.

    I also have few questions. First I would like to give some background. I am about 33 year old. We are vegetarian. I have a 3 year old daughter. We had not problem in conceiving the first time. We are now planning for our second baby and would like a boy this time. So, I started reading on internet about it. I found that high concentration of sperm and good mobility would be helpful. I want to try my best to get a boy. So, I am trying to leave no stones unturned.

    1. So, would it be good to take “FertilAid for Men: Male Fertility Supplement ” and “MotilityBoost for Men”.

    2. I also have a problem of PE. And I feel that my have less energy (because when we have sex I cannot go beyond 1 round at a time. I will be ready for another round after few hours (5-6 hours or so). But then I cannot not do multiple rounds for a few days. Please suggest something for this. i tried taking SIRI medication for PE problem once but then stopped it because I was having headaches and lack of sleep with it. Do the foods mentioned above also help with PE?

    Thanks a lot.

    • 1. try to check your sperm first. If your quality is normal think those supplement aren’t necessary
      2. do you mean PE = premature ejaculation? what you got there is not PE, but on the erection. Your erection is not as responsive as before. To improve it you need to get some exercise, reduce stress, enough rest, and try eat 1 avocado each day, it will help to increase your testosterone level and help your erection. SSRI is not the drug of choice there. for more information read

      • ash says:

        Hi Dr, First off all thanks a lot for replying. Let me step back an ask my questions again.
        1. Are there any side effects of taking the FirtilAid and Mobility boost supplements mentioned above. They say is all natural. But I am just afraid if it might have any adverse irreversible effect on health of my reproductive system? I don’t have erection problem. Nor is it case that we are trying for 2nd baby from long time and my wife is not conceiving. I just want to prepare myself to give my best to get baby boy. We will start trying in a couple of months.

        2. Yes, I meant Premature ejaculation. This is not a recent problem since the time I started having sex I never lasted more then 30 secs. Before I was not sure what was normal. Thats why I tried SSRI but stopped it because it was having side effects. Do the foods mentioned above also help with PE problem. Please suggest some effective way to help me.

        3. In almost 5.5 years of marriage we hardly had sex 2-3 times in a day. I remember once we had, my penis started paining (just a little bit) and it abated in few hours I believe. Once I have ejaculation I don’t feel like going for 2nd round. Even If I try my penis doesn’t get erect after trying 3-4 mins. Sometimes I feel like as if I don’t have capacity to go 2-3 rounds at once. Although I don’t know whats normal? Please suggest.

        4. is there any way to improve sex drive in women (for my wife), she is 30? I think it might be normal for girls to loose interest but I was just wondering if there is any safe way to increase there sex drive?

        Thanks a lot.

        • 1. Im not so sure, but as long as you sure its natural it shouldnt be a problem to consume it, but above all, why consume it if your sperm quality is normal

          2. there is article in my blog about premature ejaculation, and about SSRIs you may change the type of SSRI, there are many SSRI to choose, you may also search it in my blog

          3. normal sex is to be able to do sex on the first round with GOOD quality, with no ED or PE. It is normal in the 2nd round the erection is dropping because during that period the penis is entering resolution/ recovery phase and the length of the resolution phase is vary between each individual. So no need to go 2-3 rounds and you should maximize the first round.

          4. low sex drive in female is mainly psychological caused. relaxation, refreshing, vacation, may restore the good sex drive in your wife

  50. Zack says:

    Doctor i have masterbated too much an right now i m feeling so weak i can even hear some kinda sound while i move my knee can u just suggest me some kind of food please an one more things is that my sperm doesnt go far it just falls down so slow so is that something bad ???

  51. Clifford Chisom Umunna says:

    Pls Doc. I’m 25yrs my dick does n’t stand well and i release so fast. It makes me not to satisfy and enjoy my wife. Pls is it a problem? and what should i do to make it stand well and strong and last a litle long ? Pls tnx n God bless u.

  52. danish says:

    tanx dr..i have some doubts i will join u soon

  53. Ray says:

    Hi Doctor
    Thanks for your information and your replies
    pls advise reg below

    Total spre: 275million
    110mil / mm sperm concentration
    progressive good-5

    70% normal
    am i ok?
    or need to take some medication to improve my motility….
    does it affect making my wife pregnant

    pls advice


  54. Ray says:

    Thanks Doctor
    the reason why i asked…i am having only 30% motility rate…. and 70% of my sprem is normal and 30% is abnormal………thats why i asked this question….but my total sperm count is 275million
    Thanks for your suggesetion of not to wear tight underwear….i was always wearing tight underwears and pants……now i get rid of those…….
    thanks a lot Doctor… are really helping lot of people……

  55. suraj says:

    sir i have been ejaculating once a day. I have noticed that my sperm is not denser than before. Does it effect fertility.

  56. Jimbo says:

    Doctor, a quick question: Does salmon increase sperm motility?

  57. bilal says:

    hi doctor,
    please advise on below. i am 36 and my wife is 29. we hav been trying to conceive for last 5 years.My wife’s tests are all normal. i quit smoking 4 years ago(was a heavy smoker for 15 years). immediately after quit smoking i got my test done and result was as follows
    Total Count: 437.5 million/ml
    Progressive motile count: 23.5 million/ml
    total motilty: 50%
    (a)rapid progressive 0%
    (b)slow progressive 30%
    (c)sluggish non progressive 20%
    (d)immotile (50)
    the dr told us as we had been only trying for a year then and we were still young we could still wait to get into prceedure. We improved our diets included alot of friuit and vegetables. After two years when pregnancy dint happen we went to another dr and when he saw my result he said we should have gone for iui/ivf immediately and not waited. i got a fresh test done..result was as follows:
    total count: 40/ml
    abnormal form: 25*%
    immediate 70
    After 1 hour 60
    After 2 hour 50
    After 3 hour 40
    type of motiltiy : active
    after seeing the result the dr said they are better then before and that i require no treatment now. but this was a year and half ago. we havnt gotten pregnant. and out of failure to get pregnant my wife has stopped the good diet we have had. I just want to know is my last above result good?? and what should we do??

  58. Aria says:

    this is my sperm test result :
    ======Sample Description=======
    Volume = 3.2
    Color = milky
    Liquefaction = 30
    Liquefaction state = Norm
    Agglutination : None
    Viscosity : Norm
    PH =

    ======= Motility ==========
    Count Mil/ml = 20
    A Class % = 2
    B Class % = 40
    C Class % = 12
    D Class % = 46
    Round Cells = 1
    WBC = 1-2
    RBC = 0
    A+B+C % = 54
    Number 24
    Fields = 3

    Germincal.Cell = 0-1
    Trichomonas Vag = None

    ======== Morphology ========
    Norm % = 2-4
    Head Pathology % = 50
    Midpiece Pathology % = 26
    Tail Pathology = 20%
    Q Test =
    1+ – 2+

    ===== Motility After Capacitation ========

    A Class % = 30
    B Class % = 50
    C Class % = 20
    D Class % =
    Total Good Sperms/Mill = 1
    would you tell me you opinion about this result?
    and what should i do to increase the morphology of my sperm?

  59. Aslam says:

    dear sir have a good day
    i have done my seimen analysis detailed as:-
    Physical exam:
    1. volume – 4.0ml
    2. Ph – 8.5
    3.Viscousity – thin
    4. Liquification time – 20 minutes
    Microsopical exam:
    1. Total sperm count 0.5million
    2. Active 05%
    3. Sluggish 55%
    4. Non motile 40%
    5. Morphology 60%
    6. WBCs 12-14 /HPF
    7. Glucose (Random) 93mg/dl
    No growth is obtained after 24 hours aerobic incubation at 37C

    I am 27 years old and i am married 7months ago. Please advise me and i am too much worried.

  60. Alex says:

    Hi Doc,

    I’m 25 years old and had masturbated like everyday until last week I decided to stop to for a while. I haven’t masturbated for a week now, but realised that my sperm have been coming out since two days ago even if my penis isn’t erecting. I read on other articles that it’s called semen leakage. My question is : will the leakage automatically stop if I at least don’t masturbate, say for a month. I’m kinda scared.

    Thank you

    • what you call semen leakage is actually is secretion of seminal vesicle and prostate gland, which is actually normally secreted during arousal stage. by reducing your masturbation, also reducing your porn, perform kegel exercise and healthy lifestyle, it should be okay

  61. Yope18 says:

    Tnx doc for ur tym,got married 9mnths ago,yet to conceive,sa shows-total sperm count of 16.7million/ejaculate,
    Concentration -3300000/ml
    Active motility-45%
    Sluggish motility-55%
    Density- low
    Live spermatozoa -50%
    Dead spermatozoa -50%
    Duration of motility -4hrs
    Morphology-normal-45%,abnormal 55%
    No WBC or epithelial cells
    Pls. What’s ur advice.thanks

  62. evans orton says:

    I used to have low sperm count and weak erection,until i was introduced by a friend to a charm caster caster by name igbuduthegreat.I emailed him telling him of my problems and after 1 week he called me back telling me i was healed.That nite i made love to my wife and,after 1 month we heard the report from our doctor that she was pregnant.So thanks to igbuduthegreat i now have a healthy marriage.

  63. Yope18 says:

    Thanks doc ! I appreciate, tot the sperm count per ml is low though-33*10^5 .

  64. Aditya says:

    Hi Doc i am 29 years of age, and am married for 6 months, have never used precautions,
    My semen analysis report is as follows :-

    Volume- 2 ML
    Liquification time- 40 mins

    Total Sperm Count- 65 million/ml
    Mortile- 30%
    Sluggish Mortile- 20%
    Non Mortile- 50%
    Pus Cslls- 03-04/HPF
    RBC- Nill

    My wife’s reports are normal, can i be a father.

  65. Hemant Taneja says:

    Gd define, keep it up

  66. Hemant Taneja says:

    Sir i maturburate frm lst 3-4 yead n i m of 20 year n do i get any problem in my sperm production n count

  67. Aditya says:

    do i need any mortality or count boosters

  68. ARVIND says:

    20 days back my sperm count was 5 million after taking some medicine and regular exercise in the morning for 30 to 45 minute,now my sperm count increase by 35 million,i hope with these life-
    style and food intake will increase sperm motality.i want to ask what is normal range of sperm motality of a healthy person?

  69. ARVIND says:

    SLUGGISH- 35%
    PUS CELLS/WBC- 00-01 /HPF

  70. afsar says:

    thanks for u r good advise i hope in future i will get u r good advise

  71. kamaraj says:

    respected doctor,
    thank you so much for ur advice,its really usefull, iam indian,,i got married last year then we r sepearted coz she had cheated me,then she filled a divorce that iam impotent,its hurted me,and i got scared that i may be impotent ,so i had a semen test in a laboratory,but i feel scared and worried to go to doctor to show this result,pls analysis this test and tell that do i need to intake zinc,L-Carnitine and L-Arginine capsules to increase motility

    VOLUME : 1/2 ml
    PH :7.4

    ACTIVE : 50%
    SLUGGISH : 20 %
    NON MOTILE : 30%
    TOTAL SPERM COUNT : 53.2 millions/ml

    NORMAL : 95%
    ABNORMAL : 05%

    HEAD DIRECT : 02 %
    TAIL DIRECT : 03 %
    PUS CELLS : 2-4 cells/hpf

    Please analyse this test and tell me pls and iam planning to take zinc,L-Carnitine and L-Arginine capsules to increase motility,pls give me suggestion and manyyears i masturbate daily but from today after i read ur article,i had decided to stop it,pls help me and reply me,thank you doctor!

  72. kaz says:

    Hi….just done a sperm test results count-138million
    morphology -4%
    is that enough to get my wife pregnant or which areas do I need to improve.

    • unfortunately your sperm motility is low (min 50% active) and also the normal morphology should be > 14%, please read for more info.

      • kaz says:

        Thanks for the replay doc

        Is there anything operation or any other things I can do to improve my motility and morphology apart from the foods you have listed above. please help as I am getting really worried as time is not on our side am 32 and my wife’s 34.


        • Eating those foods may help, also you need to consult the fertility doctor in your area, to see what is the cause of the problem. After the cause is found and treated, hopefully you can gain your fertility back to normal. hope you the best.

          • kaz says:


            I have spoken to my fertility doc but she seems to say there’s no boot camps to improve sperm quality that’s all I keep getting told. Can you please send me a list what I need to check and if you could recommend any fertility clinics in Buckinghamshire that would be a great.

            Thanks for all your help

            • have you done any tests? can you tell me the results? its too early to tell there’s nothing that you can do, never give up hope,

              • kaz says:

                hi the only tests I have done is sperm test that’s it. I was never told if there was any other tests we can do to see the problem a bit deeper. my GP said there are not that bad results. my wife has all her checks done she is ok.


  73. Oni says:

    We need to educate the public about how to live a healthy life that’ll improve their sex life because sex is a crucial aspect of life.

  74. Mavnan says:

    Dear doctor, I used to masturbate much, 2-3 times a day.
    This affected my sperm motility, now I have low sperm motility and now for the last year I masturbate only once every two days.
    Will my motility get back to normal? thanks

    • hopefully it will be, just do healthy lifestyle, reduce alcohol and smoke, exercise, avoid tight pants, everything should back to normal, as long there is no medical problems that affects the motility

  75. ali says:

    hi my name is ali i m 27 years old.i spent married life from last 1 year and still i dont have baby.i have done my semen analysis which is this.
    volume 2.5million
    colour creamy white
    ph 8.0
    liquifcation time 25min
    total sperm count 40million
    active motile 45%
    slugish 10%
    inactive 45%
    morphology normal 65% and abnormal 35%
    head piece defect 20%
    mid piece defect 5%
    tail defect 10%
    pus cells nill
    RBC’s nill
    sir my report is normal or not actualy i m so much worried about this my wife’s reeports r ok.are u suggest me some kind of medicine or the food is ok and one thing more that my wife can cuncieved according to these reports or not waiting for ur reply thanks.

    • its normal sperm analysis, how often you do sex with your wife? did your wife menstruation period is normal? did your wife already did hormonal test?

      • ali says:

        thnx for ur reply sir actualy we do sex twice a week and my wife’s mensturation period are late,duration is 40 to 45 days from last 4 to 5 this normal?her hormonal test is ok what u will suggest for my wife?waiting for ur reply thanx.

        • your wife period is a longer than usual normal period in about 28 days, you may consider USG or maybe HSG/ laparoscopy to see whether ther is abnormalities in your wife’s reproduction system.

  76. Omar says:

    dear Dr ..
    I’m from Malaysia … My Sperm count when i first do SPERM test is less than 1 million … 2nd test goes 4 million and 3rd goes over 8 million … but the motility is not good .. Can you please advice me Dr on this .. really appreciate your help …

  77. mostafiz says:

    very helpfull. Thanks.

  78. amantha says:


  79. commanderA says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am married for 7 months. I am 23 years old. I used to wear tight underwear, masturbate frequently from age 15-22 and when I got married I stopped that. I am a smoker.

    When 4 months have passed, we went to DRs. They asked me to take 2 tablets of Vitazinc(zinc+vitamin A+Vitamin E) and antioxidant and some other medicine to increase fertility (carnvita forte). My wife was okay, however they gave her some medication to make her eggs more ready.

    Please advice me on the next two semen tests. And tell me if my wife can get pregnant naturally or not?

    Kind regards,
    Amir Kotb


    Physical Proberties:
    Abstinence Period: 4.0 Days
    Viscosity: Normal.
    Volume: 3.0 ML
    Reaction: Alkaline
    Liquefaction time; 10.0 min

    Assessment of sperm morphology:
    Sperm Count: 27 million/ml
    Sperm concentration: 81 Million/ejaculate
    Abnormal: 25%
    Dead: 60%

    Microscopic examination:
    Pus Cells: 3 – 5 /HPF
    Red Cells: 0-1 / HPF
    Spermatogenic Cells: 3 – 5 / HPF
    Trichomonase : NIL


    Rapid progressive: 15% (After one hour) 5% (After 2 hours)
    Slow: 10% 15%
    Non progressive: 15% 10%
    Immotile: 60% 70%


    Volume: 2ml
    Color: Grey
    Viscosity: Non Viscous
    Liquefaction: 10 min

    Sperm Concentration: 60 millions/ml
    Total sperm no.: 120 Million/ej

    Rapid: 0%
    Slow: 40%
    Non: 10%
    immotile: 50%

    Abnormal Sperms: 80%

    Sperm agglutination: 00%
    WBCs cells: 3-5 HPF
    RBCs: 00 /HPF

    • it showed low motility sperm cell, however normal conception is still possible, try to eat those foods, exercise, take enough rest, reduce stress. Also you need to check if you have varicocele or not. best of luck for you

      • commanderA says:

        Thanks for your reply DR.

        Is it possible to make this 0% of grade A motility to become 30-50% with good diet and exercise?

        Also I am very worried about this 80% of abnormal sperms. What do you see?

        Thanks very much for your great effort for helping people. you are a great man.

        • its still possible, by finding what is the cause of it and then treat it. thats why i recommend you to check if you got varicocele or not, and treat it as soon as possible, also dont use tight pants/ underwear, good luck 🙂

  80. sanjay samutra says:

    hi dr. now i am 20yrs age. i frequently do masterbate. will this effect my sperm count. and i am very thin and less in weight. my height is 5’8 and weight is 45. is frequent masterbating the reason for my less weight and thiness. i also do smoking. now a days not getting more sperm ejectile while masterbating.. pls help me…

    • too much masturbation and smoking will affect your sperm count. Body posture is affected by many things, including food intake, stress, metabolism rate, exercise and genetics, From now on you need to start healthy life, reduce or even stop smoking. good luck

  81. Narayanan says:

    Hi Doctor,

    This article is really good.
    My age is 35 and my wife age is 24.
    I have got married in 2.5 years before and still we don’t have baby.

    I have done my semen test and result are below:

    Volume: 2.5 ml

    Sperm Count: 51 million sperms / ml

    Active 40 %
    Sluggish 15%
    Non-motile 45%
    Pus Cells 23-30 /hpf

    Could you please suggest

    Thanks and Regards,
    Narayanan Sukumaran

    • what about the sperm morphology? the motility could be increased more, normal value is more than 50%. pus cell indicates there might be infection, you may consider taking antibiotics for at least 5 days (ciprofloxacin 2 times a day) and drink at least 8 glass of water a day, or you may want to contact your doctor. Also you may want to do some tests for your wife, good luck

  82. narayanatn says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Thanks for your response.

    I will take ciprofloxacin which you have suggesteed.

    Morphology: Normal in shape,size, and few tailless sperms are seen And constricted head, double head sperm seen and few granules are seen.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Narayanan Sukumaran

    • good luck, after 5 days, please do another sperm analysis, dont ejaculate during the next 5 days. I am wondering maybe there is also problem in your wife reproduction, has she done usg test? is the menstruation is normal?

  83. fatii says:

    Hi Doc I’m 25 years old and had masturbated from 16. After 5 month i am getting married what would u suggest me to do. Should i do some kind of tests or medicns. What do u suggest . I’m kinda scared.

  84. sathish kumar says:

    i am 24 years old..i am heavy masterbater…..doing masterbation for 10 years daily less nn is has not have much strength.. i stopped master bation before a month…sometimes i dnt have erection……please help me

    • your brain is overstimulated and start to get bored, so ordinary stimulation will not get you aroused anymore. try reducing porn watching. refresh your brain with activities other than porn and eventually everything will get to normal

  85. Abdul says:

    I got married one year before but still no hope, my test particular are mentioned hereunder.

    Please advise the best accordingly.

    Particular Tested on November 2011 Tested on November 2012
    Volume 3.0 ml & 3.0 ml
    Progressive 60% & 45%
    Non Progressive 12% & 20%
    Dead 28% & 35%
    Total Count 75 Million & 65 Million
    Morphology (Normal) N/A & 65%
    Morphology (Abormal) N/A & 35%

  86. Ricardo says:

    Keep it up on informing us.

  87. atul says:

    dear doctor,

    earlier you mention that maintain a gap of 2 or 3 days between ejaculate but i am married with 2 years and doing intercourse daily. will it decrease my sperm count ? and i am planning for conception this month

  88. Kumar says:

    I am married but sperm production are less after sex suddenly out the sperm by can i improve the sperm and pregnent to my wife.pls reply as soon as possible.

  89. js says:

    Please suggest on what days to have sex according to ovulation cycle to have a child

  90. Sagar says:

    Hi yaun,

    My semen analysis details are as under. Kindly give us some feedbakc on it. is it Fall under normal range

    Volume : 8 ml.
    Colour : Greyish White
    Transperancy : Opaque
    Viscosity: Viscous
    Time of Liquification : 30 minutes
    PH : 7.5
    Fructose : Positive
    Total Count : 75 MILL/ML
    Live count : 45 MILL/ML
    Sperm Per Ejaculate : 600 MIL
    Percentage Motile Sperm : 60%
    Rapid Linear Progression : 4%
    Slow/Non Linear Progression :56%
    Non Progressive: 40%
    Normal Form: 45%
    WBCs : 1
    GERM Cell :1
    RBCs : 0
    Squamous Cells : 0

  91. ram babu choudhury says:

    I am suffering from low qulity of sperm one month one month ago ltest my sperm the result is that all degeted spernatozoon are seen but molitle sperm not seen i am very serious and nerves seen the result but give me a better soulation and teatment if any tell me

  92. Anu Verma says:

    I am using MotilityBoost for Men of home-check brand.Please tell me some other product to increase sperm motility.

  93. manu says:

    hai doctor i am manu some time i have loss my sperm i dont sex and any problem my sperm pls ans me pls pls

  94. monks says:

    hi can you please tell me if this is normal?

    color – pearly white
    viscosity -slightly viscous
    ph – 8.5
    volume 5.5
    liquefaction – 15 minutes

    motile – 40%
    non- motile – 50%
    sluggish – 10%
    pus cells – 15-20 / hpf
    rbc – 0-2 / hpf


    normal – 50%
    abnormal – 50%

    big head – 15%
    short tail – 15%
    long tail – 10%
    double head – 5%
    no neck – 5%

    sperm count 44,300.00

    thank you

  95. Eng. Baker says:

    Dear Dr, Please advise me on the following test done 3 month back.
    appearance: whitish
    Reaction: alkaline
    Liquification: 30 mins
    Total count: 70 million/cc
    sperm viability: half hour ( 45% none), 20% (moderate), 20 (good), 15 (excellent)
    Sperm motility: progressive: 90%
    none progressive: 10%
    abnormal forms: 45%
    head effects: 20%
    neck: 20%
    tail: 5%
    pus cells: 10-12

    Pregnancy with my wife has no happened til now for 10 month, and her reports were fine. please give me your detailed suggestions.
    thank you

    • its normal, how often you have sex with your wife? what tests has your wife done?

      • eng.baker says:

        Actually.she is away every 3 month. And she did tests such as. Ft4: 12.3, tsh: 2.27, 0
        Prolactin 18.8, ft3: 4.24, are there any more specified tests?. Some drs told me that i may have a problem with the activity or speed of sperms due to.smoking but i was not convinced. I personaly just take zinc tablets. Do u have any further suggestions?

  96. babu says:

    Hi sir,
    My name is babu , my age is 31, I married some 11 months back…. Having lots of stress aat work earlier I am having high BP now its normal… reccntly I went for semen analysis

    Volume 2 ml
    Colour whitish
    Cliquificatio at 15 minutes
    Viscosity viscous
    pH 8.0
    Sperm count 10 million /ml
    Motility occasional suggesting motil sperms seen
    Morphology 20 % pin head and immature sperms seen
    Impression Oligospermie
    Three months back I cheked my SGPT is 168 , because earlier I had some tablets for weight loss….
    Just tell me high SGPT having any impact on sperm count …
    After seeing my report doctor adviced t use one powder packet one after breakfast & one after dinner

    Amino acid , vitamis , ninerals and lycopene powder MAXOZA-L
    for therapeutic use powder for oral administration
    pls suggest me what I hav t do t get everything normal…
    awaiting for your reply …..

  97. Jonny says:

    Dear Sir,

    I got married 2 years ago and me and my wife both are trying our best to conceive the pregnancy.

    My wife consult with lady doctor and she said my wife is Ok and she suggested my wife to get test her husband semon sperm test.

    Can you please suggest me how should I started to follow a right way? Please advice me.
    One thing I want to share with you that we did daily sex so is it Ok or should we give some break?

    Thanks in advance,

  98. Akash says:

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful tips.

  99. Pontsho Maphai says:

    Reading your knowledge about this really helps me alot and I would like to learn more

  100. ilyas says:

    Hello there,
    I used to smoking about 3 years. But, i have stopped smoking around 2 weeks. My question is, how long it takes to improving the sperm quality? If it takes more than 12 months, are there any shortcut ways, for example, consume some medicines or healthy food ?

  101. dalim48 says:

    Hi Doc,

    I am male, 31 years of age.
    on May 22 2012 my sperm test results are Normozoospermia. Results are:
    Sperm counts: 18.30 million/ml
    Total sperm count: 36.60 million/ejaculation
    Motility (A): 72% (A+B) 72%
    Normal Morphology: 4%
    Background lifestyle: I smoked more than 1 pack of cigarette per day, I played tennis 3 times a week (1 hour every time), was not in a stressful condition, abstinence 3 days, that was it.

    After 5 months in October (Oct 29th) I my sperm results are bad:
    Sperm count: 10 million/ml — 15 million/ejaculation
    Motility: (A+B) = 9%
    Non-motile: 91%
    Background: prior to my last sperm test: I smoked almost 2 packs a day (more than usual), I was under stressful situation, I hadn’t any exercise for 3 months, and increased alcohol consumption (2 glasses of beers per event).

    Because of the bad result tests in October, my doctor asked me to conduct USG (Ultrasonography) on both my testicles and they found asf:

    – varicocele bilateral grade 2-3
    – Cyst in both testicles
    – multiple microcalcification

    So my question is: Do you think my sperm’s rapidly decreased quality was caused by my unhealthy lifestyle OR findings above?? Thank you so much for your kind answer and explanation. Appreciate it in advance!

    • The first sperm analysis shows that the morphology is also low (4%) suggesting the varicocele and cysts maybe there and got worsen due to bad lifestyle and stress. I’m not so sure either because you didnt do the USG before. The best way to solve your problem is stop smoking or alcohol, reduce stress, do mild non competitive exercise such as swimming, aerobics, walking regularly (30 mnts a day is enough), no tight pants, no bycicling for too long, and do Sperm analysis after 1 month. If there is no improvement you may want to do surgery to remove cysts and the varicocele. good luck

  102. Ash says:

    Hi Dr. is there an easy way to do sperm analysis at home. is there any instrument to do this at home or we have to go to some diagnostics people?

  103. venkatesh says:

    sir my dick bcame so loose bt losing sperm from it ,it falng down not getng stndard den can u tel me plz…hw i increse sperm & how i can make my dick as stndrd,,as i want as v r at age 30!plz…help sir

  104. l.n.sahu says:

    my sperm rate is 35,so it is possible to become a father?

  105. Babu says:

    HI, Doctor
    THIS IS MY REPORT ………………..

    Volume 2 ml
    Colour whitish
    Cliquificatio at 15 minutes
    Viscosity viscous
    pH 8.0
    Sperm count 10 million /ml
    Motility occasional suggesting motil sperms seen
    Morphology 20 % pin head and immature sperms seen
    Impression Oligospermie……

    Doctor given tablets

    ubipnene – 50 daily once at any time
    ubi q 100 – morning & evening
    maxaozal powder – morning & evening

    After one month he wants t see my semens test ……………

    In addition t this … anything i have t do ……..

    pls let me know……

  106. kinga says:

    hi doc,

    my wife has missed her periods by 14 days. urine test and beta hcg tests are both negative. please find below her results.

    b-hcg (maternal) 0.59 mIU/ml

    we consulted a doctor, an she has given a medicine for 5 days. the name of the medicine is Cipla NORLET-N. ichecked on the net, and saw the medicine contains contraceptive elements. we are planning a kid so not sure if she should consume this medicine. My wife’s age is 30

  107. mureithi says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Thank your for your work of helping people live a healthy sex life. I take fruits every day…i.e fruit salad consisting of Watermelon, Banana, Pineapple, mango and passion fruits. I’m i on the right track. I’m 26 years old and i want to get married when i’m 28 years old. I do exercises, i don’t smoke or take alcohol. I have never done sperm test but my sperms of very high quality level.
    Please advice whether I’m on the right track. And give more advice on the way to go..

    Thanks again for your great work!!!

    GOD bless you!

  108. samuel says:

    sir I am 26 now…when I ejaculate by hand some times no sperm ejects..& Some times very thin type.With my girl friend It ejaculates normally.Plz advice me what is the problem?

  109. babu says:

    Hi Doctor ,
    My doctor said along with semen analysis .. he need Nature report ( which is given after 48 hours )
    from nature report what we are going to know ?

  110. acha bacha says:

    sir i m just 18 years old i had scotrum ultrasound on 15-december-2012, which shows
    “multiple dilated venous channels maximum dilation measuring 0.26cm on lying and dilating to 0.31cm on standing and valsalva maneuver consistent with varicocele”
    “wall thickness seen”
    “left side mild varicocele seen”
    sir i m a syudent and a boy i m very afraid i can’t “sit on a seat and feel heaviness in scotrum,swelling and small pain” .i also had seen that left testicle is freezing or soften at upper end”
    the doctor said its normal i have visit the doctor 2 times but they said its normal.
    sir kindly suggest me what medicine i take or exercise i should do or fruits,vegetable,herbal,etc i eat in my case to get rid of this and take relief from this varicocele…

    • varicocele is usually painless but sometimes it can feel uncomfortable, to reduce the uncomfortable feeling avoid tight pants and sitting for too long also avoid heavy lifting and or excessive exercise. As long as it has no negative impact on sperm production and doesnt get worse it is not required to be removed

  111. acha bacha says:

    thank you

  112. acha bacha says:

    sir i feel fitness in scotrum too and see that left testicle looks a bit small.i.e one testicle right one which is correct is about 100%.and the left one look about 80% length in in size.i see this difference in around 17 days.the remaining 20% of left testicle looks freezing and like a jelly type.will my testicle become of the original same size as it was when there was no varicocele…or what should i do to stop this from freezing…or is it danger or some precaution can be taken.and i have feeling while swelling a very hot feeling with dark red in scotrum.please suggest some medicine if there is any.
    thank you

  113. Mike says:

    Hi Dr yuan I had a SA and it came back with 42 mil 3.2 volume no motile sperm and most sperm with defects in the….. Had a blood teste for DNA.testorome, and other things everything came back fine…. What can be happening to me what can I do thanks..also i didnt have intercourse for 8 days I did see urologist he said I had prostate infection and give antibiotics …I would like to know your opinion or what do u think I should do ….

  114. Ab says:

    Doctor i am having this tablets …. for one month ,, after completing .. i have t go for semen analysis….

    ubipnene – 50 daily once at any time
    ubi q 100 – morning & evening
    maxaozal powder – morning & evening

    my doubt is .. while having this i am going for walking & doing some workouts … is it good or bad ….

  115. Mike says:

    No usg done dr is there any other reasons why that could be happening what are the chances of me conceiving with my wife ?

  116. madi says:

    gud inforamation

  117. good boy says:

    sir i have left side varicocele .the doctor suggest me that the minor operation will solve the problem.but he personally tell me not to do operation because its mild.sir i am very very afraid,i dont want to do operation,i want my varicolee to be cure without operation and i saw wide veins inside scotrum,, which make it too heavy ..and i feel that my left testis look small ….sir please suggest me any MEDICINE,,HERBAL etc. which make my wide VEINS narrow…sir i m very afraid….is there any EXERCISE to get it cure or will i take REST or BED DRESS for a month,,is it solve my problem.???..sir i want to know that is varicocele develop day by day or can be stop by bed dress,,,if i avoid it?? or any further precaution.i m 18 and young…

  118. Alk888 says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I got my semen analysis and the report says following:

    It also says, reference guide is based on the latest W.H.O. standards 2010

    Volume 2.3 reference >=1.5 mL
    Concentration 91 reference >=15 M/mL
    White Blood Cells 0.0 reference or = 39 M
    Total Motility 98 reference > or = 30 M in total ejaculate
    Morphology based on Kruger Strict Criteria
    Normal 15 reference > or = 4%

    Even though morphology is 15% (I do not know what this Kruger Strict criteria is) I am still kind of worried about this. Should I be worried about this? I am about to get married and assuming my wife has no issues, is there a chance of pregnancy according to this result?

    Thank you very much!

    • Alk888 says:

      I am sorry again, I am typing information and when I post it, it does not display everything. I will try to type again:

      Volume 2.3
      Concentration 91,000,000
      White Blood Cells 0.0
      Progressive motility 46%
      Total Motility 98,000,000
      Total Sperm 210,000,000
      Morphology based on Kruger Strict Criteria
      Normal 15%
      Abnormal 85%

      Hopefully it will display this time. Thanks 🙂

    • no need to worry its still normal, just continue healthy living, avoid tight pants, too much alcohol and or smoking, good luck !

  119. hussein says:

    how is it adversable to improve of one whose ejaculating period is too fast?

  120. Anu says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Thank you very much for the excellent article!

    I recently did a semen analysis after 10 days of abstinence. My numbers are as follows:
    Total volume: 4 ml
    No. of sperms in sample: 79 millions
    Sperms per ml: 19.75 millions
    Self liquefaction: 30 mins

    After liquefaction:
    Rapidly progressive: 10%
    Slow/Sluggish progressive: 30%
    Immotile: 60%

    Abnormal forms: 6%.

    Are the numbers good enough for conception? Will I be able to improve the numbers just by following your dietary advice? Or do I need to start alternative lines of treatment?

    I have been trying to conceive for the last 8 months.

    Thank you very much for your time.


    • it is still possible to conceive your wife normally, though its rather hard. yes the foods will help, also avoid smoking, alcohol, tight pants, carrying cellphone on your pant’s pocket, too much sitting, and please do sperm analysis after 1 month, good luck and never lose hope!

  121. Amit Singh says:

    Dear Sir my name is amit after 4 months i am going to get marriage i want to know i am able to be father or not and i have done my semen analysis report last week my report is
    please reply me sir otherwise i should not go for marriage.
    duration of abstinence 3 days
    Volume: 2.0 ml
    Sperm count: 140 millions
    Viscosity normal
    reaction alkaline (ph7.4)
    Active: 40%
    Sluggish: 20%
    Not Motile: 40%
    Abnormal spermetazoa 1%
    Pus cells 1-2
    Epithelial cells 2

    Normal Morphology 60%
    Abnormal morphology 40%
    A- Head Defect 20%
    Midpiece & Neck 15%
    Tail defects 5%

  122. Ab says:

    Doctor… i have to go for semen analysis … for better results …. how many days i i can not ejaculate ?

  123. Oscar says:

    Goodmorning sir i thank God I come across ur site. I’m dying in pains, Sir I recently wedded even as a virgin but was suprised to see my penis stop standing after 3days of my first exprience which i do twice daily, I try all i could but my penis could not rise, I cried together with my newly wedded wife, she’s in pain over this likewise myself, de next day she went to see a herbal man for my situation not native doctor, after de text he said that my veins are weak, though i use to masturbe before i married her, after taking the medication wit eating of some fruits it started to work again but i’m suprised that i will be having sex with her all de days but immediately after her period when we will be waiting for something it won’t starts again, i ve being in the internet all day to seek for solution till i met ur site, pls what do i do? I even took some man power atimes it will work on me sometimes it work, i ve not gone to any text, can eating those fruits boost my sperm to impregnate my wife? What do i do? What am i suffering from? Help me and again as u stated early should i stop having sex twice a day? How many days will it take sperm to produce, i cried because i told my wife dat i am a virgin which i am, but now i can’t perform in bed why. Thanks

  124. rakesh says:

    Hi Doc,
    Please comment if below result is normal to make pregnant.
    Sperm count/ML – 152 600 000
    Sperm count/ejaculation – 684 000 000

    Motility percentage – 60 %

    Direct Smear
    A . fast progressive – 20 %
    B . Slow progressive – 30 %
    C . Non progressive – 10%
    D . Non motile – 40%

    Abnormal forms – 28 %

  125. Oscar says:

    Some times my penis will stand but immediately i wake my wife it will go down even if i just stand, it will stand but witin 3minutes it will go down, i may be touch my wife or trying every other thing but nothing will happen, but before we wedded if i just see her my body will stand but now that i want to enjoy her i can’t just confuse. Then when i was not married i used to watch porn i do have errection then but not now, and i use to masturbate when watching it.

    • when you can have erection during watching porn or in the morning, you should be able to when you do sex with your wife, you’re having to much stress/ nervous/ lack of confidence, just calm down, not too rush, take a holiday or vacation, enjoy the time, and eventually you will be able to have sex with your wife.

  126. kinga says:

    my count is 66 million, and mortality is 20%. I am 29 (age), if i quit smoking do you think it can improve. also how much time it will take

    • yes you can, for best result also combine with eating those foods, stop alcohol, avoid tight pants/ sitting too long, reduce stress and enough rest, you will see improvement at least after 1 month, good luck

  127. Vinny says:

    Hello Doctor I`m 35 year old and this is my test result

    Duration of abstinence [days] : 3
    Time from ejaculation [mins] : 43
    Macroscopic Examination
    Volume [ml] : 3.7 : 1.5 or more
    Appearance : Normal : Normal
    Liquefaction : Complete : Complete
    Viscosity : Normal : Normal
    pH : 8.0 : 7.2 or more
    Debris : +
    Agglutination : Not seen
    Motility [% spermatozoa]
    Total motility : See comment : 40 or more
    Progressive : – : 32 or more
    Non-progressive : –
    Immotile : –
    Fructose : Positive : Positive
    Count [million/ml] : See comment : 15 or more
    Total count [million] : – : 39 or more
    Other Cells [million/ml]
    Round cells : 0.1
    Peroxidase positive cells : <0.1 : less than 1
    Erythrocytes : Not seen
    Sampling error for all numerical parameters 7.1 % or less.
    WHO 2010 guidelines recommend that because of the variability
    of semen quality, a minimum of two tests should be performed
    before any diagnosis is confirmed. As spermatogenesis takes
    approximately 12 weeks to complete and may be affected by many
    factors, it may be advantageous to retest after 12 weeks.
    COMMENT: 3 sperm seen in 20ul, 1 non progressive, 2 immotile.
    Approximately 555 sperm in entire ejaculate. Debris noted

    This is very bad results? Thank you very much for answer.

  128. bala says:

    i i am 29 years old and my semen analysis test report is quantity = 2 ml count = 29million/ml, actively motile = 50% , slugglishly motile = 20%, Non-motile = 30%, viscocity = Normal, reaction – alkaline, pus cells – 2-3%, colour – greish white

  129. Ashish says:

    Hello Doctor..
    I do masterbat regularly and now i can see the thickness is very less and also force is less but when i wait for 2 to 3 days and do the masterbet again then i can see the thickness of sperm and force as well. Is there any problem? what can i do to improve the sperm thickness and force.

  130. praveen says:

    Good Job Dr….thanks for educating peoples

  131. Benjamin Green says:

    what do you think of this result
    volume -2mls
    motility- Active-80%
    Dead- 10%
    morphology- normal-80%
    pus cells -0.2
    count -90.0×106 cells/ml
    color- milky

  132. Vinoy K P says:

    Hi Doctor,

    First of all let me say thanks for your valuable post and Comments. This is the first time i am seeing one person giving reply to all comments . You deserve the appreciation.

    I too have one concern.
    My marriage got over 2.5 years ago. We didn’t tried for children in the initial 1.5 Years( Didn’t used any tablet or medicine ,Did the intercourse only in the dry days).For the past 1 Year we tried for a child but it didn’t happen. We went to consult with the doctor and he confirmed that I am having a problem of vercsevein . He did a surgery. The semen analysis report says after surgery and before surgery is almost same . Below i am mentioning about the values i got in the semen analysis.
    Please let me know that the values are normal or will i get a child in a normal way.

    We are tensed, Please help me.

    Volume :- 1.5
    Morphology :- 5%.
    Defective Head :- 87%
    Count :- 1.8 M

    I will give detailed report tomorrow.


    • Vinoy K P says:

      hi Doctor,

      Here i giving the real values of the report ( Yesterday i didnt had the report with me ).

      Volumne:- 1.5 ml
      Sperm Count :- 65 mill/ml
      Liquefaction :- 22 min
      Round Cells :- 1-3 hpf
      Motility :- 56%
      Activity :- Rapid (30%), Slow ( 18% ), Sluggish ( 8% ), Immotile( 44%)
      Normal Morphology :- 4%.
      Defective Heads :- 87%.
      Midpieces- 6% ,
      Defective Tails :- 3%

      • sperm count and motility is quite normal, but the normal morphology is low, and what do you mean by vercsevein? how long did you perform sperm analysis after varicocele surgery?

        • Vinoy K P says:

          I mean varicose vein in testicles( Sorry for the mistake ). Doctor told me it is in stage 3. My varicose vein surgery happened on October 15. I did the sperm analysis after 3 months as per doctor. Did it by around Jan 20. The above values are from the latest report. I could see the difference only in Motility . Previously it was around 40 .But it increased to 56 now. Consulted doctor also saying that Morphology is low. Is that the reason my wife is not getting pregnant ? What kind of diet i need to follow to improve it . My consulted doctor told me to have one tablet named Addyzoa( He told it is using to improve Low Sperm Count, Low sperm motility, Male Infertility, Impotence, Improves Sperm ) for 3 months . He asked me to do the sperm analysis again after 3 months.

          I am really expecting your valuable comments.

  133. satish satpute says:

    Hi dr.
    I m satish my age is 30 I m from mumbai india. My sperm report before 1 month my sperm count is less than 1 million n after new report is no living or dead sperm seen. Dr. I want to know in this case any hope for me be a father. Plz guide me, me n my wife is very upset…

  134. binu says:

    Last 2,3 days I am straggling from delayed ejaculation .is this disease ?

  135. voal1820 says:

    Hi Dr. Yuan,

    I have a general question about morphology. New WHO 2010 guideline suggests that normal is considered if it is at least 4% based on a strict Tygerberg criteria. They also show a study that was conducted om over 1850 fertile men. The results showed that their median morphology was 15% and 97th percentile was 48% which means that 97 percent of the fertile men population studied had morphology less than or equal to 48%. I was looking at your blog that people write their test results and many of them are reporting very high numbers on morphology like above 60-70%. I am wondering are there different methods to measure the morphology or are there measurement errors or what is it? Thanks

    • Tygerberg criteria is much more strict and precise in defining normal sperm. Also you need to ask the lab whether they use liberal or strict approach to analyze the sperm. Using Tygerberg criteria, normal sperm morphology is at least 4% is considered normal. But the labs rarely use it due it requires much more time than liberal approach. People with morphology more than 50% are likely using the liberal approach.

  136. milis says:

    I just did sperm check after varicocele surgery last month:
    appearance = normal
    viscosity = normal
    density = 84 x 10m/ml
    liquefaction = complete
    motility = 62%
    progression = good
    agglutination = no
    viability = 81%
    round cell = < 1 x 10m/ml
    No of WBC/100 sperm cell = < 5
    Debris = Little
    morphology of active sperm, normal = 6%, head-piece defect = 90%; mid-piece defect = 3%; tail defect = 1%
    bound motile sperm = 94%
    unbound motile sperm = 6%
    HBA score = 94% binding
    halo size: large & medium = 63%; small = 12%; without halo = 23%
    DNA Fragmentation index = 37%

    Do you have any input for me doctor? Thanks a lot.

  137. Jello says:

    Hi there! I had undergone semen analysis but was not able to discuss the result with my doctor yet. Here are the results. Can you give me some clarifications about it please.
    volume: 1ml ___*(ref>2ml)
    round cell: 2.6 ___ *(ref60%)
    concentration: 31 Ml/ml ____*(ref>mil/ml)
    total sperm count: 31.0 M/ejaculate___*(ref>40M)

    Motility: 43%____ ref *(40%)
    immotile: 53%
    – rapid progressive: 0%
    – forward progressive: 22%
    – slow progressive: 51%
    – non progressive: 27%

    Sperm morphology:
    a. normal forms: 7% ___*(ref>14%)
    b. head defects: 64%
    neck/mid defects: 11%
    tail defects: 15 %
    immature cells : 3%

    My wife and I are very curious on the result and we would really like to know the problem with our infertility. We’ve been TTC for 9months now and we really wanted to have a baby. Hope you can shed us some light with my semen analysis result.

    thank you very much.

    • as you can see in the normal references, the total volume is low, morphology also low, how many days your abstinence before doing the analysis? is your wife also done some tests?

      • Jello says:

        I had intercourse with my wife the night before… I had no plans of undergoing analysis that time but I happen to be within the area so I decided to check it out.. And these are the results.

        My wife’s OB checked if she is ovulating about 3 months ago. The doctors said her ovaries are fine and she’s already pre-ovulating on the 11th day after her period. By then, are still not able to get a BFP. that’s why I decided to have myself checked as well coz I might be the one with the problem.

        What can you recommend?

        • please do a proper sperm analysis, you should at least abstinence for 3 days, ideally for 1 week before doing it and repost the results here, also testicular usg will help to detect whether there is varicocele or not

  138. Hemendra says:

    Dear Doc. Thanks a Lot for the info and God bless u for sharing it.
    I m 27 yrs old and married in 2010 , but trying for baby for last 3 mnths. But no sucess. Wife is ok with all her test. I ahve done my SA which shows
    Count 28 million
    Active Motile is 10%
    Non motile 80%
    How long will it take to inprove. And i donot excersise but planning to start. Will it help please advise as very despirate to have child.

  139. Joy says:

    Good work keep it up well done

  140. Ankit chauhan says:

    Thanks for information

  141. samuel says:

    whwnever I ejaculate I feel tired.indispose and a little pain in head and legs…..Is it any problem/weakness?

  142. sahil thakur says:

    marna chhod do sab apne se sahi ho jayega.ok.

  143. l.n.sahu says:

    sir,l had one undecent testis.few month ago i got operation and remove it.that time my sperm percentage was 30 milion/ml….so is it possible that i can my wife pregnent.?plz answer me i m waiting…

  144. shyam says:

    Hi I was diagnosed with cancer few years ago. Recently i got the semen test done. the report says 20 million and motitly is 20%. i had gone through chemotherapy. Can these foods medication increase the motility or the sperm count?

    • what cancer do you have? unfortunately chemotherapy will severely reduce sperm quality, you should focus in treating the cancer first, and after the chemo session is done the sperm quality will also back to normal, keep your spirit up! we will always pray for you

      • shyam says:

        Thanks for the reply. But I had blood cancer but now I am in total remission i.e I dont have cancer now. But I had a series of chemotherapy sessions 3-4 year ago. So can that be a reason for low sperm count or low motiltiy. CAn the drugs like Maxoza or oligocare improve the situation? if yes then how much time does it take generally. Thanks in advance.

  145. Ashish says:

    Hi Dr,

    My earlier results (September 2012):
    1. Sperm Count = 55 M/ml
    2. Rapid progression = 10%
    3. Sluggish progression = 20%
    4. Normal Morphology = 40% (not Kruger)

    After this I took Temaxofin (zinc tabs) for 4+ months.

    I have my SA done and below are the details (latest)
    Volume = 1.9 ml
    Concentration = 164 M/ml
    Total Sperm Count = 312 M
    Percent Motile = 64
    Total Motile Count = 200 M
    VAP Vel Avg Path = 42
    VSL Progression = 34.6
    VCL Path Speed = 68.8
    ALH Lat head Disp = 3.2
    LIN Linearity = 52
    Morphology = 4% (Kruger strict criteria)

    I see that my morphology is very less as per Kruger Strict criteria. But I read that many have such low % as Kruger criteria is very strict.

    My wife is taking Clomid and we are trying for pregnancy by clomid + TIC

    Please advise how I can improve morphology, tablets which I can take and is there anything to worry?

    I live in California, USA


    • based on krueger criteria, the amount of normal sperm should be more than 14%, to increase morphology you can try vit c and e supplement for at least 1-2 month and do the SA again or best to consult your doctor again, goodluck

  146. dharmesh says:

    Hi,Dr. I am 29 yrs old got married in 2009 no child yes i have done the semen analysis test on 08/02/13 it shows .
    colour :greyish white
    Apperance: hazy
    volume : 2.0 ml
    liquification -within 30mins
    reaction :alkaline
    actively motile 50%
    weakly motile:10%
    Non motile :40%
    amorphous forms :15%
    grade:III sperms moving in a moderate to good speed
    pus cell :8-10/hpf
    RBC’s :occasional
    count :25 Million /ml
    need your advise,

  147. eL-manuel says:

    Nice tips. I’ve learned aLot

  148. tarek law says:

    Dear doctor
    i had sperm anlyses could you please tell me if any thing worng? and what the normal ?any suggestion?

    Volume: 2.5
    colour: milky
    viscosity: normal
    PH: 8
    Sper Count :48 200 000
    Normal Forms 85%
    abnormal forms :15%
    Leucocytes: 1-2 HPF
    Erythrocytes :1-2 /HPF
    Spermatogenic Cells 2-3 /HPF
    Directl Motility motility after 1 hour after 2 hours
    VERY Active 15% 10% 5%
    Active 15% 20% 25%
    Inactive 70% 70% 70%

    thank you very much

  149. Ajay Kumar says:

    I have married 10 months ago but now I have no baby. I have been checked my sperm after 3.5 days then in my report seman examination was as colour cloudy, quantity 2.0 ml, reaction alkaline, Liquifacation time 50 minutes, sperms count 34.20 million, motility 40%, active 30%, sluggish 10%, non motile 60% so check my this examination. My wife period is ok but I did not check any type test of my wife so please give my correct advice as soon as so that I can be father of a healthy baby as advice type food, medicine as alopathic,homeopathic, sex intercourse during time etc..

    Ajay Kumar

  150. amit says:

    hello sir
    i have sperm count 20 million
    morphology 43%
    motility 37%
    kindly help me

  151. says:

    hey doctor from 4 years i am taking out sperm almost regularly, my hairs turn white, alot of acne on my face, my age is 16 can i make women pregnant?

  152. Omotosho semiu says:

    Am suffering of wet dream. What should i do

  153. Abhishek sharma says:

    Dear sir
    My sperm active is 20 % but the doctor was given a course of Medicine name EXPERT MF and oligocare Now i checked the active sperm is 70 % . i bath in hot water daily two times in a day . can this willl effect my sperm.can these sperm level become fixed for long time

    • bathing in hot water is not likely the cause, and also you need to perform other test such as testicular usg to see whether you have varicocle or not because it is the frequent cause of low motility sperm

  154. Guy says:

    As i was continuously musterbated for 2 months at a streach, now my sperm amount is getting very low when i age is 23. What should i do. The low amount of sperm really worrying me.

  155. voal1820 says:

    Hi Dr. Yuan,

    Is aswhagandha truly good for fertility, or is it just a myth? If yes, does it help, count, motility,or morphology? Thanks.

  156. aq says:

    sir i have varicocele mild on left since nov-2012 …i have been using mukutti herb and have change my life style like loose pants, exercise ,drinking milk, water, eating fruits a lot for the last two month and have shown a slight difference in varicocele.but my varicocele is not completely diminish .sir please tell me any medicine to get rid of this problem …i m a young student of 19years.sir please help.i m in this condition since 6 months last…sir please tell me any medicine or other way to get rid of varicocele fast.

    thank you

  157. tryingtobeamom says:

    hello doctor ,
    we found out that my husband has varecocele , the doctor told us its the reason the sperm motility and morphology numbers are low ,, do u believe doing an operation to remove the varecocele will actually help us get pregnant naturally ? or shall we proceed with other alternatives?

    • yes, varicocele removal should be performed,

      • tryingtobeamom says:

        thank you for your reply,
        will you please tell me what u think of my husbands latest and 3rd semen analysis results?
        rapid motility:10
        rapid and slow:16
        sperm concentarion:10.7
        total sperm count:31
        total motile sperm is:5
        normal morphology:3
        normal and amorph morphology :16

        can we possibly get pregnant naturally with these results? or shal we opt to do the varicocele repair , i read a lot that its not 100% fixable issue and it might have reverse affects too.. i do not want to waste more time, thats y we r hesitant,,
        Thank you very much …

  158. pinky says:

    Dear Doctor. Our ob-gyne said my husband has low sperm count but still possible to have a baby because of his 80% motility. Can I ask for your second opinion. Below is his lab results:

    Count: 14,500,000 per ml
    Motility: 80% motile (first hour); 70% motile (second hour); 60% motile (third hour)
    Morphology: 55% normal, 45% abnormal

    Any information can help. Thanks so much.

  159. ray says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My sperm analysis,

    131mil / ml sperm concentration
    progressive good-74

    pls advise doctor, am I ok?
    I read in the document that rapid should be minimum of 25% and good should be min of 25%….am I infertile?
    Also soon after ejaculation , some of my sperms come out of my wife’s genital……why is it so?
    she(my wife) has checked completely with doctor…and she is ok.
    I am yet to produce this result to doctor..
    pls advise what is the problem with my sperms….if I eat all those foods mentioned here, will it help me…..expecting your earlier reply. Thanks

    • Sorry ive been really busy these days, i believe your result is normal, avoid tight pants, long sitting, stress, alkohol and smoking, also avoid putting phone in pants pocket and eat healthy foods, its normal to have some of the semen pouriong out after coitus, it only need a very small amount of sperm to get a woman pregnant, hope it helps

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